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I been looking at them recently and thought maybe they would be cool for a build idea I had.
I was comparing stats (I will do more so in depth later) But from a quick examine what I could tell is they are barely more damage than a standard disruptor beam of the same mark.

Now I know they are dual proc, but from what I can tell every single other dual proc weapon has better stats. The phased tetryon weapons sacrifice a stat for the second proc. Then you have the Spiral Wave Disruptors that come with the Galor, except they have two procs and 4 stat mods.

The only real stat mod the disruptor-plasma hybrids have is a slight damage mod, maybe 1/4 or 1/2 (guess off the top of my head) which is worthless and a 7.5% accuracy bonus which is 3/4ths of a acc mod.

Would it be to much to ask to at least give it a full Acc mod? Maybe two...I know is asking for a lot but would be nice.

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