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As chance would have it I landed on the new "recruit" sign-up page and saw this STO trailer for the first time:


"Whatever comes, whatever finds you- stand tall - hold fast - YOU are a starfleet officer"

All I can say is wow - now I really feel like a starfleet officer - how many new players do?

Then I started a new Character - starfleet of coarse(but everyone must who is new)

and beam into my ship outside the sol system to be met with the powerful voice of Mr Leonard Nimoy:
(in a dark and forboading tone - with the startrek theme playing in the background)

"My Friend sacrificed so much to secure peace with the klingons, I bear the reponsibilites to him and his crew, a thought that troubles me to this day!

The hope was that this alliance would last forever - It did NOT! The KLINGONS have chooses WAR!!(bastards!!)

The Federation is doing it's utmost to protect it's borders and the billions of "innocents" that call this space home!(from the evil klingon terrorists)

I FEAR that this conflict may be our undoing!"

Can you save us from these agressive savages - yes you can - you are a Starfleet officer!

I won't let you down Mr Spock I will fight these Klingon Bastards for my whole STO career!

Ok - SO does this entry by ALL new players in the game taint the perception of the KDF? Or do people just see it as a game intro?

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