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Originally Posted by beary666sto View Post
I'm pretty sure a VA/LG shuttle would wipe the pants off a Tier 1 or even Tier 2 ship
QFT ^^

I blew up my Lt. friend's Shi'Kahr consistently in a VA Danube runabout, and I -think- (my memory's a bit vague, it was about 6 months ago) I could even beat him when fighting without shields. I certainly could beat his Constitution with my Stalker later on, though there I believe I was forced to keep my shields on

Edit: Also, about the Stalker, I was fighting with a Commander, with gear that probably can't even classify as good, against a player who infrequently plays the game and is on his first character. So even with dying about once for every 2 or so kills, it shows how much a VA would have done against the ship.
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Even if the levels were normalized so everyone was at level 50, a Tier 1-2-3 ship is just going to be fodder for VA ships on account of the way Tiering affects damage and healing. Not to mention that the lower level players will still not have the BOffs, DOffs (yes, really, they're as important as any other item choice), and skill point-placement to even be of any kind of use.

If you're not at least Commander you don't even have ranks into accuracy. Think about that, then think about what a VA Escort Carrier / Tac Escort Retro / Adv. Escort / MVAM / Patrol Escort is gonna do to you, and what your realistic chances are of being able to do more than tickle their shields, on the off chance you ever hit.

You're just throwing newbie/lowbie players to wolves with exactly zero chance of them living long enough to learn anything.

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