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Hello you may be asking why this fleet, and what can we offer?

here just some of a few things.
  • Family type of fleet
  • PVE/PVP/Starbase help/groups
  • help with competative builds
  • communication with mics
  • small fleet oriented
  • chilled members that like a good time
  • fleet special events during holidays
  • EC grinding guides and market help
  • smart players that know how to win stfs.
  • Fun and helpful fleet

Other things about fleet.
  • 4 of us have jem hadar bugs
  • Im part of administration staff on EliteSTF channel
  • We are very active

so if you are interested in a fun fleet and have a mic please hit us up at Omega Possum Attack.
@SrSpells, @Spaceklaus, @lowther

thanks for your time and have a great day.

|| Open Door Policy ||
| Dues Ex Mechina |
Fleet Leader

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