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So I've been trying to learn PvP for the last few weeks and I've just been joining the pug queue as my fleet is not really into PvP. It's been fun, albeit a bit frustrating at times with the lack of teamwork. The most annoying thing to me are cruisers that think they're actually accomplishing something by being able to tank for 5 minutes and give absolutely 0 team heals and never do enough damage to actually kill anyone.

Well, that changed last night when my queue landed me in a pre-made team with 3 Spanish Inquisition members and a Sad Panda. It turned out to be just the right mix of ships as I think we had 2 cruisers, a science ship, a Bug, and me in my Fleet Defiant. Knowing that they were a premade I just stuck near them and took my lead from how they setup. After we won the first engagement in the middle they set up this defensive line in an offensive position (middle of the map, but on the enemy's side). There were minefields and the 2 cruisers and science ship held the line near the mines.

This was the best setup I have had any team use, especially for the way I like to play. I could cloak my ship, go in for a big decloak alpha-strike on the weakest of their ships, many times killing it, and then haul ass back to the line that they had established. Many times they would try to chase me down but the defensive line was in such a great position that I was able to get back to its safety in no time, so if they were going to chase me down after my alpha strike they were going to have to deal with the cruisers, sci ship, and not to mention the Bug who was using similar tactics to mine. If they followed me back then I would just turn around and fight with my team, and if they didn't then I would use the line as a buffer to allow me to recloak. I have never been able to use cloak as much as I did in this game and it was all because of the protection my team allowed for me.

One time after I had made an alpha strike and headed back to the line, their best player Hei'Qin (unfortunately the rest of their team did not seem all that great) came in with a decloak alpha strike of his own against me, trying to use a similar tactic that I had been using all game. He tore through my shields and 60% of my hull within 1 second, and as I had just returned from my own hit-and-run attack both of my Tactical Teams and other defensive buffs were on cooldown. I had about 4 seconds left till my TT was available when my hull was down to 40%, which basically meant I had about 1-2 seconds to live and was prepared to die on his next volley. But before he get off his next volley, I think all 3 of the line-holders must have healed me because I went from no shields and 40% hull, to max shields and 100% hull and the next volley that hit me did absolutely no damage what-so-ever. At this point I popped a 180 and anchored Hei'Qin with a tractor beam, the sci ship hit him with a gravity well, and we bombarded him from all sides with fire.

Sorry about the text-wall, but I have never been in a match where I felt my team had my back so much. It allowed me to play an offensive style without worrying about being over-run or left high and dry. Every time my shields went down or I had hull damage a team mate was there to heal me. In 90% of pugs if I want to survive in my Defiant when my shields go down I have to book it completely out of the battle, transfer power to engines, and hope I can make it far enough away that I'm able to cloak and escape my pursuers. In this match, all I had to do was head back to the line they had established, which was in an amazing position, and if my pursuers were foolish enough to chase me back to the line they were as good as dead. It was a completely different experience than pretty much every other PvP I have played and it was just an awesome feeling knowing that my entire team was looking out for me. I ended up with no deaths that game, the most kills, and second highest damage next to the Bug. Thanks for the great team guys!

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