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I have just purchased a Regent and have been playing with setups, i really didnt get on well with beams especially on fleet missions as FAW just annoys lots of enemy without hurting my primary threats

I settled on a tactical turret build and wonder if anyone has a better suggestion?

LVL 50 TAC Captain

ensign tac| Torpedo spread I
universal - Tac lieutenant| Tac team I, Cannon scatter volley I |Universal - Sci Lieutenant (used when borg get plasma happy): Polarise Hull I, Hazard Emmiters II
lieutenant commander tac| Tac Team I, Attack Pattern Beta ,Cannon scatter volley II
Lieutenant Engy| Engineering team I,Extend Shields I
Commander Engy| Power to shields I,Reverse Shield Polarity I,Aux to structural II,Eject Warp Plasma III
Fore Weapons: 3* AP Turret MK XII Borg, Quantum Launcher MK XII Borg
Aft Weapons: 3* AP Turret MK XII Borg, special quantum launcher
MACO Shields, MACO Deflector, Borg Engines
Devices: Shields Bat Large, Engine Bat Large, Aux Bat Large, Weapons Bat Large

Console Modifications:
Tactical:2* Antiproton Mag Regulator MK XI Rare, Zero Point Quantum Chamber MK XI Rare
Engineering: EPS Flow Regulator MK XII Very Rare,Neutronium Alloy MK XI Rare,Ablative Hull Armour MK XII Very Rare, tetraburnium alloy MK XII Very Rare
Science:2* field generator MK XI Rare

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