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06-13-2012, 01:26 AM
Cryptic doesn't care about.
They make much new fed ship. And they say. Buy a ship in the C-Store. You would get the best one and maybe/probably you could get better stuff and gear. But it's not true.
They make blablah lock box. And they say. Buy master key on the C-store, maybe you would get nice ship and powerful gear. But it's not true.
They make quadrant gamma doff. And they say. Buy doff from quadrant gamma. You could craft MkXII console. But it's not true because it always needs alien artefact which is mostly impossible to find. And crafting console is like lottery.
Everything Cryptic is doing is making money and they show and they express how much they look at us like live purse...
Look. There is a new ship for fed player every 2 months. And not for Klingon. Why not any for klingon. Because most of player are fed. Cryptic has no ethic.
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# 162 Oh BOO HOO!
09-18-2012, 06:53 AM
I've played this game since F2P launch. It took me about a month to get 1 set of prototype ground gear.

And you know what? I'm not bothered about the drop rate!

Because, now i can stride around popular STFer hang outs such as DS9 and ESD thinking, "I may have been unlucky in the time it took me, but I kept calm and carried on grinding". Thats probably the best part of getting MKXII gear, (other than the cool outfit), you can take pride in your accomplishment!

So buck up, you'll get it eventually!

I like the fact that MKXII STF gear is hard to get, makes you feel unique! So stop whinging about the drop rate, saying you want to claim it with EDCs or salvage. You can get loads of stuff with the EDCs and salvage. Did you know the retro STF gear sells to vendor for 100k EC each?

So to all you people who want it made easy, or for it to be a Z/C-store purchase as well go. You'll be taking the fun out of the game, just because your a bit unlucky.

So to Cryptic, i say, good show and doin't change a thing on STF drop rates etc
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09-18-2012, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by blockbusters View Post
I've played this game since F2P launch. It took me about a month to get 1 set of prototype ground gear.

So buck up, you'll get it eventually!
Congratulations, but don't give the rest of us "So buck up" I have one character with which I have been grinding for 4-5 months and still haven't finished a Mk XII set, got PSG and Armour (and full Mk XII Space set), I started another one and their FIRST EVER CGE dropped prototype tech (weapon) you know how annoying THAT is? No, you don't, your post is all the evidence I need of that.

so when you've been grinding STFs for 4 months or more to no avail, like the rest of us, THEN come back and tell us to "Buck up" although after that you won't because you'll know why the rest of us are asking

Originally Posted by blockbusters View Post
I may have been unlucky in the time it took me
You aren't "unlucky" because it took you 1 month, in fact you are VERY LUCKY that it took you 1 month now go away and enjoy your Mk XII ground set!
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# 164 Closing Retread Thread
09-18-2012, 01:29 PM
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