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09-18-2012, 02:01 PM
Ok, Ill give you that, I must admit this was the first i heard of this however if you are playing science and you've just let up say nanite health monitor on someone because they are going into battle but you need your debuff kit to help keep the enemy down to make the per-arranged heals effective, the moment you swap that kit the heals are gone?

Or if you are the only person on a team providing engineering support and you put down a chroniton minefield to stun your enemies so your turrets can help out the team but you are forced t give one of these up thus eliminating the entire strategy that can be make or break in a defensive situation

admittedly these are only 2 examples of a wider aspect of play but what I'm saying is there should be exceptions or perhaps a timer so say you put down the minefield and swap kits, when the kit swap is complete the lifetime of the minefield is cut down to X seconds as the supporting kit is no longer in use as mainly science but all professions are more effective if they can swap between abilities while keeping the others in place if only for a limited time. I say science mainly as they HAVE to be able to hot-swap from one task to another and perhaps on to another again so say from debuff to medic to something else but the team needs those med skills to remain in play while the person plays another role in the team

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