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# 11 Terra Nova
09-11-2012, 11:22 PM
"Captain, I'm reading a distress call."

In mid-snore, Captain Chep Magosh startled awake and looked around the bridge of the USS Tesla. Blinking under the bright lights, he kicked his feet off the arm of his chair and rubbed sleep from his eyes. He wiped the drool from his chin as he focused on the source of the voice. "Report."

Torin replied without looking up from his screen, "We picked up an automated distress call, but it's badly distorted when we picked it up and now it?s gone. It originated from a human colony."

Chep slowly rose to his feet, stretched, and strolled over to Torin with a grunt. "Which colony?"

"It?s Terra Nova."

"Terra Nova? I never heard of it," Chep growled.

Torin turned to regard his captain with curiosity. He was never quite sure when the Tellarite was joking. He was still unsure, so he decided to explain. "Terra Nova was the first human extra-solar colony established in 2069, just 6 short years after discovering warp travel. It?s just 20 light years from Earth but it took the colonists 9 years to reach the planet. The Great Experiment, as they called it, was a great success, until Earth decided to send more colonists to the planet. Relations between Earth and Terra Nova broke down and the two planets lost contact. It wasn?t until 2151 that contact between the two worlds was reestablished."

Chep turned and started walking away from Torin. He had heard enough. He was awoken in the middle of a pleasant dream involving him in a mud bath with lovely Vulcan who fed him some wonderful sausage for a history lesson on pre-first contact earth. This was not what he needed right now.

The eager Vulcan junior officer continued to provide him with additional information. "Sometime after 2083, a meteor strike irradiated the colony. The Novans managed to survive the disaster by taking refuge in caves. A whole generation of Novans grew up believing that humans had been responsible for the attack on their world."

Chep reached his seat and hoped into it. His feet dangled inches from the floor. Then, he realized that Torin was still talking. Chep counted silently to keep from losing his temper in front of the young science officer. Numbers ran through Chep?s head, not once, or twice, but three times before he finally felt calmer. "If I want a history lesson, Mr. Torin, I?ll ask for one."

"When Captain Jonathan Archer was ordered to investigate Terra Nova, he discovered ?" Torin stopped in mid-sentence. He had been warned by more experienced Vulcan Officers that he needed to be more concise with his reports, especially with the captain of the USS Tesla, the gruff and stodgy Chep Magosh. Nearly very Admiral at headquarters had dealt with Captain Magosh at one time or another. He had been promoted and demoted more times than anyone could recall. It could be a Starfleet record, but that sort of information wasn't a priority for Starfleet's data miners.

Chep ordered the helm to set a course for Terra Nova, before he settled back into his chair with the hope of continuing his nap. With his eyes closed, he said, "Wake me before we arrive."

The Tesla dropped out of warp in orbit of Terra Nova. The planet loomed large and menacing on the viewscreen. With a confused expression on his face, he asked Torin, "This is a human colony? It doesn?t look like it can support any type of life on it."

Torin checked his sensor scans. "It's a nuclear winter. The planet is being choked by superheated dust and debris. I'm not detecting any life signs on the planet."

"What happened?" Chep asked, horrified by the scene.

"According to these readings, the highest temperatures are originating from the Northern hemisphere, approximately 500 kilometers from the nearest metropolitan area. I?m initiating a detailed topographic scan of the area. However, I would venture to say that a meteorite impacted with the planet only a matter of hours ago."

"How unlucky can a planet be?" Chep wondered aloud.

Torin responded, not realizing that it was a rhetorical question. "Luck, Captain? There is nothing lucky or unlucky about it. The planet's orbit borders the system's asteroid belt. I'm surprised that this hasn't happened more often."

Chep hung his head for a moment and mourned the loss of the Novan civilization. He tapped his helmsman on the shoulder. His voice cracked with emotion when he said, "Take us out of here." He turned and began to walk towards his ready room. "If anyone needs me, I'll be working on my report for Starfleet command."

Before stepping off the bridge, he paused a moment. "Mr. Torin, could you please join me in my ready room? I think it's time for a history lesson."
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09-13-2012, 08:45 PM
USS South Dakota, 0317hours

It was always too hot on Starfleet ships. On the Nighthawk, B'oDgok had managed to get the temperature of her cabin a comfortable -10 degrees but the old cruiser was laid up in the yard for the next few months for upgrades and needed repairs. Due to the ongoing combat situation, Commander Missy Travis and her crew had taken over the USS South Dakota, fresh out of a full overhaul. The Akira class ship was a bit of an upgrade to her old Constitution class refit..but the newer computer kept overriding her engineer's environmental settings. They'd get it worked out sooner or later. Meantime she was miserable, trying to get a few hours of sleep. The message beep from the bridge was almost a relief. "Bridge to Captain Travis."
came Ensign Rin's too cheerful voice for this time of the night.

"Ah'm awake, whatcha got Rin?"

"Captain, we've picked up a distress call"

She was more awake now, hitting the light control on the nightstand "who and where? "she said as she looked around for her uniform.

"Colony, records show it as Terra Nova"

She found her trousers, pulling them on "Terra Nova? Sounds human, can't say I've heard of it"

"It seems to be an earth colony. Records show the last contact was approximately 280 years ago Sir, by the USS Enterprise, the report lists the commander on scene being Captain Johnathan Archer."

That got her to pause. "that long...that's about 50 years after my colony's ship left Earth." She ran a brush over her hair then gave up for the moment "Whats our ETA?"

"Two point six hours at warp five Sir."

"OK, set course and get us moving. Ah'll get cleaned up and be up shortly."

an hour later.

She felt better after a shower, and with some coffee and food in her. Still was too warm, fortunately the coffee was almost cold enough to ice over as she stepped onto the bridge. "how we doing?"

Hafaz Baral, her Bajoran first officer looked perfect for the ungodly hour, not a hair out of place, while hers was still fighting to escape from it's ponytail if she moved her head wrong. Not fair she thought as he nodded to her "We're closing on the beacon Captain."

"anything more about the colony?" she asked as she settled into the chair, ooh, B'oDgok managed to get it switched from heating to cooling.

"According to Captain Archer's report, the colonists had reverted to a primitive culture after an asteroid impact irradiated their colony. The Enterprise managed to convince them into moving to safer caves in the southern hemisphere before leaving."

Missy blinked and put the coffee down "OK...so who's beacon is it then?"

Selvok raised an eyebrow, the blond Vulcan pondering that "Unknown, it is possible that Captain Archer left the colony a beacon in case there was another problem, or it could be a federation ship having difficulty"

"On our frequencies? Ah don't think so. Mr Kich?"

The diminutive alien tacical officer turned in her seat "Yes Sir?" as the captain got that grin again...

"don't go to red alert, but ah want weapons manned, fore and aft torpedo tubes cocked and locked. If ya see something, snapshot."

Selvok frowned "Sir, we don't know that this is a hostile action-"

"No we don't" she replied sipping on her coffee while she could "But ah got a feelin..."

He nodded and turned back to his station, muttering under his breath "another 'feeling'" as he passed the first officer. Hafaz just grinned and whispered back "her feelings are better than the sensors sometimes."

Fifteen minutes later.

It was a perfect ambush. Set up a beacon 'liberated' from a sacked human colony, set her squadron waiting to spring the trap, and destroy the fools who came to investigate the distress call. It had worked three times before elsewhere, the fact that this world was less than a days travel from the Federations home world, that just made the victory sweeter. She waited, weapons ready as long range sensors detected their prey approaching.

The South Dakota shuddered as it dropped out of warp entering the Novan system, dropping into normal space as if a wet behind the ears cadet was manning the helm. Slowing to one quarter impulse, it began to move further into the system, closing on one of the moons orbiting the planet.

"Anything on Sensors?"

"I'm picking up life signs-yes, it seems the Novan's have managed to survive and even prosper, those may be cities-"


Captain Travis grinned ferally "Snapshot, fire at will, red alert! All ahead flank and come about!"

Before the first ship had even fully dropped it's cloak torpedoes were erupting from the South Dakota's stern,not even fully locked on target, just a general spread. Two of them found their mark before the Klingon vessel could raise shields, hull plates buckling as the precious atmosphere boiled out into the dark. As the other ship fired the South Dakota's was already turning hard to engage, the Klingon torpedoes deflected by the shields.

On the South Dakota the ship rumbled as the ship hit flank speed., a speed not normally used for combat-but Captain Travis was known for her aggressiveness. The ships phasers hammered the Klingon shields as they closed, the bird of prey's crew watching as the Akira class ship grew ever larger in it's screens "Evasive Action, they're going to ram us!"

"Enemy shields buckling Sir" yelled Selvok over the din. Missy just nodded "Mr Rin? Stand by-now! Fire forward tubes and punch it!"

Rin gulped as he nodded, the ship shuddering as the torpedoes shot away towards the bird of prey less than 2 kilometers away, then as soon as they cleared the tubes he engaged the warp drive for a split second, pulling the Akira in the opposite direction the Klingon was attempting to go. There was a streak then the ship rumbled as it dropped back out of warp, sensors showing the destruction of the second ship.

Captains Log, supplemental.

The Klingon trap was a good one. We recovered the beacon they were using to lure ships in, and have contacted Starfleet to determine which colony it had originally come from. The Novans were unharmed by the battle, in fact the Klingons had not even bothered to land-most likely due the fact that due to climatic changes from the asteroid impact 280 years before had rendered much of the world a snow covered ice ball. The Novan's had managed to adapt as they had several generations as their world turned colder-normally the Prime Directive would prohibit contact, but due to the fact they are a lost human colony, and that not only had they had observed the battle between the South Dakota and the Birds of Prey, but had also been monitoring our communications for several years with primitive radio telescopes, Starfleet directed us to offer whatever assistance the colony could use. And best of all.." she grinned to herself ?got to spend some time on a world that's actually comfortable. Now if we can just fix the cooling in here..."

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09-18-2012, 04:18 PM
Some great stories! Thanks for sharing

I'm going to unsticky this now as I prepare to post up #28, but feel free to still post your story if you have not had the chance yet.


Brandon =/\=

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