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200,000 dilithuim is a lot of resources for a static cosmetic changes to our starbase interiors. There are always questions about perceive value and there are a lot of people who grumble about it before it even comes out even though they haven't put resources into it yet.

The purpose of this thread is to allow us to say what we feels has that 200,000 dilithium value to it. I figure even if we stay within the restrictions they they are following there could be some interesting items. (Restrictions as in stationary and cosmetic changes of a reasonable size)

Here are some examples I'm thinking of.

1) Water fountain

2) Goal posts and a soccer ball colored tribble (I like kicking tribbles, who knew)

3) Daycare/kids/families. (I remember the 24th century episodes more family oriented and it is completely lacking in this game.)

4) Framed murals along the wall with different space scenery.

What have your thought of?

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