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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
We've been looking into the complaints about Siphon Drones and trying to figure out a balanced way of decreasing their effectiveness without diminishing to the point of making them feel like a wasted hangar slot.

Honestly, it's not easy to find that balancing point.

We've considered reducing their hitpoints, which would make them more susceptible to AOE damage countermeasures. This, in essence, makes it easier to counter them, but only if you have the proper powers equipped, and are not currently on cooldown. However, it presents the very negative experience to the owner of having their drones quickly dispatched without them having the chance to do their thing.

We've also tried having their drain-per-tick be based off of a percentage of the target's current power, but that actually managed to make them more effective, rather than less. Any subsystem running at low power was barely effected, while high-power systems took a major pounding. We didn't feel that was intuitive. Also, it still took systems offline almost as quickly since the minimum it could drain per tick was still 1 energy (magnitude rounding) and the initial uptick of drain was faster.

I guess that's a long-winded way of saying, we're trying to find a solution to a mechanic that's not quite behaving the way we'd like it to in PvP, and haven't yet come across one that we like. But we'll keep looking.
the problem with drones is that their drain is open ended and unlimited, they don't drain a certain amount and then stop, its more and more every tic. this never ending drain till they are killed seems to bypass insulators entirely, as shown in a vid made by mav.

have the things explode after 15 seconds of draining, like a blood sucker that sucks to much. being able to permanently shut someone down once snared is a big problem

depending on your level in insulators, there should be a cap to how much any number of siphon pods should be able to drain you. with 0 insulator skill they should be able to take 125 power, with 99 max drain should be 50 power. from there add in diminishing returns, so even at a theoretical max of ~250 skill it could still drain 20 power.

the pods drain once a second right? maybe have them drain every 3 seconds, so if only 1 or 2 get to you it isn't game over and you can deal with them. it wont make much of a difference ether way when a squad of 8 has you.
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