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Hello everyone,
I'm a science captain looking for the best science ship from the fleet ship options. I've got one-the Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel, and I'm concidering getting one more: either the Fleet Reconnaisance Science Vessel, or the Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit. My question is, WHICH ON WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

Initial thoughts:
Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel (the one I already own)
Commander and Lt. Commander Science boffs. Plenty of abilities without wondering what else I might need. 5 Science consoles.
Largest crew of the three at 500, might help with hull regen slightly.
Ensign and Lt. Engineer Boff slots, giving a bit of variety potential, and perhaps some better healing. Also three engineering consoles.
Weakest in tactical abilites. I know its science, but I'm just sayin'. I like to cause some damage too when possible, after all.
Lowest turn rate of the three, but at 11, really not bad.

Fleet Reconnaissance Science Vessel
Commander and Lt. Commander Science boffs. The same as what I've got, so nothing gained, but nothing lost either.
Smaller crew at 350. Might affect hull regen slightly, but I don't know if it will be noticable.
Only a Lt Engineer Boff slot, so it loses a bit of healing potential. Only two engineer slots, so loses a bit of damage resistance.
Best out of the three in tactical abilities (this is the part that really excites me). Same boff layout as Assault Cruiser, and FOUR tactical consoles. I worked some rough numbers, and assuming four phaser relays (assuming it's phasers) and after the full minute of sensor analysis, has the potential to deal just about as much damage with four beams as a cruiser with 6 beams.
A bit better turn rate.

Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit
Ensign, Lt, and Commander Science boff. This is a twist, and a toss up-maybe a bit more variety, but ultimately probably a bit weaker without the second Lt Commander ability.
Even smaller crew at just 100.
Only a Lt Engineer Boff slot, but back to three engineering consoles. So a bit better at damage resistance.
More balance tactical abilites, with a twist. A Lt Commander tactical Boff slot, giving ability for Beam Overload 3 or something. Also 3 tactical consoles as Assault cruiser, so it'll do a bit more damage than Fleet Deep Space, but not quite as much as Fleet Reconnaissance.
Best turn rate of these three, at 14. That's almost as good as some escorts.

Please tell me what you think, and which one you think would be the best choice, and why. If you think I should stick with the Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel I already own, let me know that too.
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09-17-2012, 09:31 PM
Depends on how you play...

I know I love my "stock" RSV (Recon Sci), slotting BFaW II, Torp Spread I, GW III, TT I and EPtW II adds up to lots of group damage. Only problem is firing this into a group that can shoot back without some serious aggro management (read: Escort spamming CSV III or tank-spec cruiser with BFaW on also...)

As an aside, the RSV also has passable shield tanking ability. I've tanked the 2 sphere escort from KASN long enough to kill a probe group or two, and tanked an elite tac cube for 40% of it's life with a group that didn't have a real serious DPS machine in the group...

Yes, I do die quite a bit if I'm not careful, I have more of a paper hull than the average escort, and only one hull heal on my normal build (Haz Emitters), but except for spread-deaths, I find myself in the position that if I'm drawing that much aggro I'm probably the only one that's gonna hurt the enemy with any regularity...

Thusly, the fleet version would be nice. Extra HP, bigger shields, and that tac console would help both my survival and offense (survival by blowing up targets a hair quicker).

However, if you want a sci with survivability, then the F-DSSV would probably be the best option for you, I'd pick up the Fleet Nebula only if you're an ace shield tanker (Sci team & TSS as two of your 3 ensign slots)...
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09-17-2012, 09:35 PM
Depends on what you want. These ships, the fleet ones, are unique in either they give lockbox quality for low prices, or a hybrid starship for those whom like flying cruisers as a science pilot, or science ships as a tac. For the superpowered tactical science ships, it's really a toss up between the fleet science vessel retrofit, and the Fleet RSV. The RSV is slower, but has better science slots, and more sheer firepower with four tac consoles and sensor analysis (Meaning in the end, when SA is cranked up, you get about 5 tac consoles, a little more actually). And for the annoying gnat that still packs a good punch, you have the Fleet Science Vessel, which has escort like turn rate and inertia, and a lt. commander tac slot, for those awesome torp spread III moments. You're choice really.

You're right when it comes too science powers, the RSV is more powerful, you can have dual gravity wells with it, plus the epic firepower from it. As far as survivability goes, it's almost dead even. RSV has more sheer hitpoints, but the Science Vessel makes up for it with insane speed. And the fleet science vessels turn rate has been buffed too 15. My synopsis is thus:

Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel: Tank/Healer
Fleet Science Vessel: Balanced tank and Gank/Quick Responder Medic/Field Control
Fleet Recon Science Vessel: Major Gank/Field Control
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# 4
09-17-2012, 11:59 PM
Fleet Recon is awesome at crowd control as an engineer. And the tac abilities aren't bad. If it had a Lt. Cmd Tac slot instead.. wow. It would be overkill.
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09-18-2012, 12:33 AM
Originally Posted by dareau View Post
Depends on how you play...
He's right. With fleet ships, it's users choice. Pick your poison. There is no BEST ship. There are good ships, great ships, and amazing ships. But there is no all around universal BEST ship. Each one is tailored towards a specific type of pilot/role/blarg. So take a look at what each one offers, and pick off of that.
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09-18-2012, 10:40 AM

Fleet Deep Space Science vessel: Tank/Healer
Fleet Science Vessel: Balanced tank and Gank/Quick Responder Medic/Field Control
Fleet Recon Science Vessel: Major Gank/Field Control[/QUOTE]

sorry for my ignorance, but what is a "gank", or was that a misprint. Honestly asking because I want to make sure I follow.
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09-18-2012, 10:49 AM
personally I fly a DSSV and it's decidedly a heal-boat with a little bit of offensive science thrown in (tykens rift 2 and grav well 2/3) and it does the job but it disappoints in combat.

I decided against the RSV after days of weighing the two up as I didn't like playing escorts and still don't like the fact of them being majorly overpowered when compared to the other ship types.

Although I would be extremely happy with the Nova as it gives you the best of all worlds as science has more skills at lower levels. the Nova also gives you the ability to keep 4 beams trained on a target and still turn fast enough to drop in a torp or two without losing too much beam damage as a result. Do bare in mind the nova was originally designed for short range missions and to be a sort of science with guns ship.

So it really does depend upon what you want from a ship,if you want team support you want the DSSV, for damage potential you want the RSV or the NOVA gives you the best of both of these the only problem I can find with it is that it could use help from the two extremes of the spectrum
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09-18-2012, 11:57 AM
I am waiting to get to the point where my fleet can make the Fleet Nebula. Now thats a pair of nacelles I'd love to get my hands on!
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09-18-2012, 04:28 PM
I use the fleet recon sci ship and love it. Great offensive ability for a science ship the 4 tac consoles do their work great. Science ability comparable to other science ship if not even more than a few others. Its agile enough to use db up front with efficiency. I use it with omega set and I don't die too much. Unfortunately the offensive ability mean I get agro sometimes in pugs stf or fleet and its a hard ship to tank effectivly. I do use 2 neutronium XI blue so I get resistance like I get with my tactical escort on others toon without the benefit from an EPS console.

4 tac consoles mean I am not confined to support healing role but can blow some stuf up too which is nice. With crowd control GW 1 and 3, tractor beam and tractor beam repulsor, MK XII supporting science console and Purple DOFS its a mean little ship in its own right.

As for the other I can't say I don't have them. But the fleet nebula was my second choice for its superior tanking ability.
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09-18-2012, 05:52 PM
I have the Fleet Nova and the Fleet DSSV.

The Fleet Nova isn't bad, especially having the ability to use TS3, but I found it way too squishy overall.

The Fleet DSSV is a much stronger ship, though I found it lacking in the DPS department.

Currently I'm not using either, using a Fleet Star Cruiser.

Overall, I really wanted to love the Fleet Nova, but I just couldn't get into it. If I went back to a Fleet Science ship, I'd probably use the Fleet DSSV.
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