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# 1 Starbase Blockade Tactics
09-19-2012, 03:01 AM
I thought I would give my advice here on how to succeed in Starbase Blockade as i regularly see people just attacking anything that moves

1. Split into 2 teams of 2 and have one player flying solo, there are upto 3 freighters coming in at any given time and to rescue them all you will need to split up

2. The 2 best Boff skills you can have for this are Tactical Team and Tractor Beam Repulsers

Tactical team - Absolute must, this will rotate the shields of the freighter so its hull isn't exposed
Tractor Beam Repulsers - use these to push back the enemies and take aggro away from the freighter.
The best way to use these is to line up going full impulse at the freighter and engaging TBR just as you pass, this will push back the enemy while benefitting from the speed boost as you are dropping out of full impulse

3. Aim to distract the enemy and take aggro, you do NOT need to destroy the enemy ships. TBR will do this easily as will Beam Fire at Will and cannon scatter volley.
Saying that, if you can destroy ships quick and easily before the freighter gets out of range brilliant

4. Keep an eye on the freighter you are rescuing more than the enemy, that way you can find any ships that are still firing on the freighter and neutralise them.

5. Once the freighter is out of range of the enemy fleet or you have managed to take aggro from every ship use evasive manuevers or a engine battery and move on, preferably to the left or right so that any ships following you will be moving away from the freighter.

6. Enemy ships will warp out once a freighter is destroyed or has completed its run as long as they are not being engaged.
If you follow point 5 then you should be out of range when this happens
While i am not 100% sure, i believe that another freighter will not spawn when an enemy fleet of the previous one is still on the map

If you have cleared your freighter then make sure the other 2 teams are coping and throw some heals or tact team if another freighter is under attack, try not to join another team as you will end up attacking the same targets no doubt and leaving 1 freighter vunerable

Remember DPS does not matter in this and as such all 3 classes can contribute to success if you play as a team.
Science with TBR will be one of the best ships in this PVE and can solo a whole enemy fleet and save the freighter
Engineers if they can aggro all enemies will be able to tank and star moving away from the freighter taking the enemy out of range
Tactical can aggro very quick and destroy any ships that are still firing on freighter easily helping out their team mate.

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