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# 1 Galor advice
09-19-2012, 07:02 AM
My plan is to run a galor, on a tac cap, with 8 spiral waves. Idea is to run FAW almost constantly with APBII(I think II) up as much as possible. My question is what to do with the lt commander and commander eng boff slots.(current is set with reverse shield pol III and aux ot struct i think)

Current setup is

(Reason im running 1 WPTS I and 1 EPTSII and the same with EPTW 1, 2, is I need that eng boff for my defiant so he has to have both EPTS skills, otherwise I'd have both eng with EPTWII and EPTSII)

I've run it in many borg stf's and my only setback is the lack of hull heals(something in cure can almost wipe out all your hull without touching shields, and it always takes me some time or luck with borg set II, to get hull back)

I've never seen my weapons power drop below 90, and is usualy at 95, but when I reduce it to 100 base, it can drop to 80 or less sometimes, i'm not sure why, but I think the EPTW somehow breaks the cap?

Now question is, should I swap out the Aux to struct II for RSPI(for more shield tanking cuz i eat agro fast) Or swap out RSPIII for another repair?

(Setup is typical, 8 spirals, borg deflect, maco engine, shield, 3x field gens, 1 neut, borg mod console, 3 hull resist mods depending on what im doing, and 3x disruptor induction coils)

So anyone got this idea in action and could toss a pointer or two(I am typically a definat R pilot, so the galor is a bit of a shift into a new area for me, have had it for a long time, but it never got much use)

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