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I figured this would go in here, since all these are are art assets.

Basically looking at the latest ridiculous limited time sink project (Really Cryptic, you can't vary the dilithium cost based on what the project actually is? That's ridiculoous), and I had an idea for a really cool one- that I'd certainly love more than 'lol security', or 'flags lol'.

Basically, the project would be called Diplomacy/Marauding, and would modify the NPC spawns for your starbase.

On the fed side, a federation ambassador, a klingon, romulan, cardassian or other random alien ambassador, and some aides and security guards would beam in and walk around in a group. They'd pause at the various areas like the shop or the bar and do some animations- the feddie ambassador would do the arm waving animation and the alien one would do the 'looking thoughtfully' animation. Maybe let the player interact with the alien ambassador for unique dialogue when they pause. Maybe even buy stuff when it's a ferengi or dosi or something. You could add a 'Diplomatic Aide' that would be stationed in the conference room who would sell non-federation refugees in green/blue/purple quality.!

On the KDF side, well, Diplomacy is for Schmucks. A Dahar Master and his elite team would beam in, leading a chain of prisoners. Five to six federation or other non-KDF aliens in a chain with their arms cuffed (would probably need a new art asset), would be escorted through the base, eventually heading to the turbolift and despawning to head down to the brig. During this 'transfer' there'd be maybe a thirty percent chance for each prisoner to 'escape', martial artsing the guys holding them to death and scattering in all directions.

If you have the 'heightened security' project completed, these guards would engage the prisoners- if not, they'd run around until one of the NPCs kills them (or the players on the map kill them). This project would spawn an 'orion slaver' down on the tactical level, who would sell you green/blue/purple prisoners.

If anyone has comments or their own suggestions, feel free to append them here.

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