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I am currently not an active STO player and act as a 'consultant' for my fleet's progress through S6.

But this didn't stop me from promoting STO when I was with F1 Caterham Team driver Heikki Kovalainen this evening during the Angry Birds: Heikki event at Fairmont Singapore.

We were competing head to head demolishing stuff in the Angry Birds competition and were neck to neck on the scoreboard for the most part before a totally random shot on my end boosted my score skyhigh on my last attempt. That got me quite a bit of attention from the organizers and I stood with him for the photoshoot.

After that I was asked by a TV news reporter to do an interview since I was the most active 'top player' around and was easily recognizable as I wore the same T-shirt the dev team folks had.

Amongst a lot of gaming related questions was one segment where I was asked if Angry Birds to me was a 'serious' game, and how long I spent 'training' for today's event.

I replied that Angry Birds was definitely to be approached as a casual game and you're not supposed to get all serious about cartoon birds on demolition duty.

That's when I mentioned "If you want a 'serious gaming' example, Star Trek Online is my sole 'serious' game as it involves team building, guild management and international diplomacy.. however, such organizational skills can also come in handy during Angry Birds competitions when time is short and efficiently make use of very limited resources in stressful situations... like when you're told to stand side by side with an F1 Driver and duke it out."

I have no idea when or where that piece will be shown on local news and it will probably need editing to be something palatable (I went all Jeremy Clarkson flair and produced a whole talk show out of a simple gamers' interview) but I shall sleep today knowing I did my part to promote STO to an alien and possibly large prospect audience lol.

I mean, if there's a few dozen cameras stuck in your face for an entire hour, some exposure is bound to go out!
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