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09-19-2012, 02:26 PM
Hokay, this one goes up there as one of the worst stf's I've ever done, to the point I want to rename my cruiser U.S.S. Short Bus because I get saddled with some of the worst players ever.

I think my fleet has it in for me...

Anyway, so myself and two fleetmates are out part hunting and went into Khitomer Accord's Space Elite. I have both mk 12 Maco and Omega sets but they need an extra gun with them and i can always use the dilithium. So, after blowing the cube in the beginning i steer to the right from the spawn and head after the probes. A duty I've got down to an art seeing as I've had to do it since I joined this fleet months ago.

I digress again, so I go to the right to do probes. I'm followed by a science officer, in a star cruiser, weilding a couple tetreyon beam arrays, a couple polaron turrets, a quantum torp and transphasic trop. They zoom around the probes while I sit still and shoot and shoot and shoot with my antiproton/quantum set up doing betweem 700-1700 dps. This science officer, who we shall call "Skip" did no better than 300.

Already I'm groaning and thinking about how to deal with this side of the map. I blow up one of the generators on the transformer, then go back to probes. Skip destroys the other.

Enter the Cube....

I'm shooting up the probes and see Skip charge the Cube. I had to laugh and see the Borg devour her and target me. So once I'm done with the probes and "death ride" to the cube, blazing away and praying my shield will hold. Loe and behold, after a confusing few seconds I destroyed the cube, to my surprise (cubes give me a hard time, I freely admit).

Back to probes, then see Skip attacking the transformer, while the two gennys on the back are still running. So I fly around behind and destroy those to, back to probes, then start attacking the transformer. Killing the transformer takes a very long time as I have to divide my attention with the probes.

Advance ahead and the tranny's dead. Skip floats about, getting killed by the gate a couple times, then decides to go over to the otherside and goes after the gennys there. So now I'm left alone, to watch in awe as I kill probes seeing skip take on the cube and die horridly.

My fleetmates on the otherside eventually finish with their gate and zoom over to help, but not before I'm overwhelmed and destroyed for the first time.

Now then, defending against the probes turns into a farce because there's little coordination, and though myself and two fleetmates are in communication, the other two seem to manage to make the situation worse and worse, but despite their best efforts, we destroy the final gate.

Now enter Donatara....

Immediately she targets me and smashes my ship like it's made out of paper and balsa wood. Second time

My fleetmate, who don't have the higher level gear like me, still fight valiantly, but are also ripped apart time and again. This goes on for about 20 minutes as we try so hard to coordinate, but once Skip, and his friend...we'll call him "Bill" are targeted, they run to one of us and get us caught in the crossfire.

Now I'm out of minor repair components and am fuming beyond belief.

SOMEHOW, after another 15 minutes or so Donatara seems to get tired of smashing her toys and suddenly starts to die. By the Emperor's blessing we tear into her, but not before she destroys my two fleet mates one last time, leaving me with Bill and Skip to finish her off.

We finish her off and leave, nearly an hour because of two ships, one of them trying so hard to sabotage myself, then my fleetmates repeatedly.

Throne I hate rainbow boats....

Oh, and I died 9 times
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