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  • The beam/warp out button is now disabled while a mission is paused.
  • Mirror Universe ships can now change their ship name prefix to I.S.S.
  • This does not include other ships that just have a Mirror material applied via the tailor.
  • Added new music to default explore rotation.
  • Updated the Standard bridge to raise up the Captain's chair and realign the door to the Ready Room.
  • Klingon players can queue for PVE or PVP only after they complete the tutorial.
  • The Regent should now adopt whatever fleet emblem the player's fleet uses, like other ships.
  • Resolved an issue where players invited to a fleet map that were not a part of any fleet could not move between fleet maps.
  • Transwarp abilities should no longer play the default warp-out animation after playing the Transwarp animation.

Duty Officers:

  • All Fleet Duty Officers should now have the correct Departments for their Specialization.
  • Energy Weapons duty officer roster powers that reduce cooldown on Cannon bridge officer abilities now display the correct recharge reduction.
  • Sensor Duty Officer active roster powers are now accurately applied to enemy targets when used.

Operational Assets:

  • Decreased the cost of all operational assets.
  • New Operational Assets are now available in the Fleet Starbase store, including the following:
    • Galaxy
    • Galaxy Dreadnought
    • Prometheus
    • Armitage
    • Luna
    • Negh'Var
    • Bortasqu' War Cruiser
    • Ki'tang
    • Guramba
    • Kar'fi
  • Decreased the tier to unlock the Operational Assets for the Imperial Class Assault Cruiser, Dervish, Deifant, Dacoit Flight Deck Cruiser, Zilant Battleship, and Vo'quv Carrier.
  • Operational Assets can now be used from the player's inventory and no longer need to be equipped in a Device slot.
  • Fleet Vulcan Security Teams are now equipped with Phaser Sniper Rifles.
  • The description for Fleet Caitian Security Teams now correctly refers to their weapons as Phaser Split Beam Rifles.
  • The "Rally Security Team" Operational Asset now properly resets the cooldown for all Captain abilities
  • The description for the Fleet Photonic Security Team Operational Asset now correctly refers to their grenades as Stun Grenades, not Photon Grenades.
  • Rephrased the description of the Gravitic Instability Probe Operational Asset.
  • Updated the tooltip for the Fleet Mine-Laying Assault Cruiser Operational Asset to include a more complete list of its powers.
  • Updated the tooltip for the Caitian Security Team Operational Asset to include a more complete list of its powers.
  • The Atrox Carrier Operational Asset will now properly use Transfer Shield Strength.
  • The Fleet Remodulation Beacon Operational Asset no longer looks like a turret.


  • Engineering Kit summoned pets; drones, turrets, mines, etc.; will now despawn if you remove the kit.
  • Updated Miracle Worker I: Its healing value was 1/10 the value it should have been.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the tooltip for Sweeping Strikes to display fluctuating damage numbers.
  • Sensor Analysis should no longer force you into combat
  • Klingon Honor Guard Ground Set:
    • Updated the Mk XII ground set: Owners of this set will see additional stats that should have been there all along.
    • Clarified all of the tooltips for this set bonus.
      • Understanding what the set does should be much easier now.
  • Polaron Procs:
    • Assigned a stack limit to Polaron Energy Drains.
    • Polaron energy drain comes with two components:
      • 1) Max energy level reduction to all subsystems that lasts 5 seconds.
      • 2) An instant drain of all subsystem energy.
        • This has no duration - enemy immediately begins regenerating energy lost from this instant effect.
    • The new Stack Limit on Polaron procs applies ONLY to the duration-based aspect that reduces a target's max energy.
      • The instant drain is not limited.
  • Powers from a non-pet entity with an owner now report their source as being from their owner.
  • Changed the Display Names of many boxed items, to cut down on the over-use of the term "Special Requisition Pack":
    • All costume items are now contained in packs named "Outfit Box - ..."
    • All ground vanity pets are now in packs named "Ground Non-Combat Pet - ..."
    • All ground combat pets are now in packs named "Ground Combat Pet - ..."
    • All space vanity pets are now in packs named "Space Non-Combat Pet - ..."
    • All space combat pets are now in packs named "Space Combat Pet - ..."
    • All equipment are now in packs named "Special Equipment Pack - ..."
    • All device and consumable items are now in packs named "Special Device Pack - ..."


  • Chairs now have their own custom interact icon.
  • The Website, Account, Support, Terms of Use, Credits, and Options buttons on the login screen have been added to the character selection screen.
  • Added a game credits button to the minimap dropdown menu.
  • Can once again select and copy text from in-game mail.
  • The Create Content button has been moved to inside the main window on the character select screen.
  • Multiple interact options should no longer show up unnecessarily while teamed.
  • Resolved an issue where completed missions wouldn't always disappear from the contact's list of options immediately.
  • Updated the Fire All keybinds:
    • The Fire All Torpedoes keybind no longer fires Mines.
    • The Fire All Mines keybind is now functional again.
    • The Fire All Phasers and Torpedoes keybind is now functional again.
    • The Fire All Torpedoes and Mines keybind is now functional again.

Known Issues:

  • The Acid Horta Hatchling from the Lobi store is incorrectly named Crystal Horta Hatchling once it's unpacked.
    • It correctly spawns an Acid Horta; this is just a display name issue.
  • Uncommon quality Ferengi and Cardassian lock boxes have been changed to Common quality.
    • Some of these boxes in the Exchange may still be labeled as Uncommon.
      • The items within the boxes are the same.

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