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The Brotherhood, May be place for you!

About Us
WE ARE A NON-PROFIT Organization that takes great pride in the fact we take the time to really get to know our members, make them feel welcomed and feel like they are part of a family and not just a fleet. We have built a reputation of going above and beyond to help others.

--We understand that life happens, and because of this RL will always come first we have a very strictly enforced policy that ensure that NO matter what happens you will not be removed from our Organization just because you are not online for x amount of time. You will keep your current position and rank and will not be removed no matter what! if you are in a important position such as a fleet banker and you need time away we will train a temp banker to take your place untill you get back!. This ensures that no matter how long you are gone and how many absences you take you will always have a home to come back to..

--We understand now of days people are under a tight budget and are suffering due to poor a economy this is why our fleet founders chip into a special fund that helps our members with difficult financial situations obtain Zen Store ships, and Modules for buy fleet ships. We also offer a special lottery event where member can purchase tickets for 100,000ec each and in return they get a chance in winning a free gold membership for that month paid in full by the fleets founders.

--New to the game?, well we all were at one point and just because you are new does not mean you should be treated any different then anyone else. In fact we actively seek out new players and help guide them through the learning process, giving them assistance with missions, ship building, PvP Training, STF missions and acquiring STF Gear, EC and Dilithium farming and much more.

Our Fleet Officers

Our officers are HIGHLY Trained, We have 4 officer ranks, NCO, Fleet Officer, Operations and High Command.

NCO, In order to become a NCO you must be a Sr Crewmen who has been with the fleet atleast 60 days and must take the BH Officers Exam and score ATLEAST 360 points.

Fleet Officer, Is someone who has been a NCO for 30 days and have proven to have exceptional leadership skills and must have ATLEAST 660 points on the BH Officers Exam. If a member has taken the test three times and has not yet scored the required minimum of 660 points they will not be allowed to take the test again for 6 months.

Opperations, This is the fleet administrators, this rank contains the Fleet's Bankers, Event Planners, Moderators, PvP and STF trainers, Recruiters, Internal Affairs and Lottery Managers. In order to apply to one of thease positions you must be a officer for atleast 30 days and have the nessicary skills to match the position you are applying for..

High Command, This rank is for the Fleet's founder and 2nd and 3rd in command. the fleet founder never leaves this position but the 2nd and 3rd in command may be removed from their positions by a fleet vote and new leaders will be elected into power..

Fleet Events and Lotteries

+EC Lottery, Once a month we draw a EC lottery the pot starts at 5mil EC and as members buy tickets the pot grows last months pot hit 11mil EC,

+Gold Lottery, Once every two months we will do a special lottery to give a lucky member the chance to win a free gold membership for that

+Item Giveaways, Each week i post a item on our fleet websites activity wall, the first 10 people to like the post get that item via in game mail!

+Assimilated Sunday, This event is rather fun a group of fleet mates will meet under ESD in the lower levels.. half the group will goto KGE and purposely get assimilated once assimilated they leave the map and appear in the lower levels of ESD assimlated and begin to attack the fleet mates already down there.

+Cloack and Tag, Fleet members meet on the starbase 3 members will use cloacks to hide somewhere on the base .. the other group has 5 minutes to find them! once one team does it another team will go.. winning team gets 1mil EC each! teams are made up of 5 members each..

They are just a few of the events we run!

For more information on our fleet, you may contact any of our fleet officers in game


you can visit our website @ www.bhsto.org

We invite all to join our private chat channel, We always looking to meet new people and have recently opened up our channels for public access.

To join our chat channel

While in game Press ESC
Then click Chat Settings
Look on the top of the chat settings panel for the Channels tab
Once you have clicked on the channels tab in the small search bar type in BHCC then Click Join

Look forward to playing with you all!

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