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09-19-2012, 11:07 PM
I mentioned some time ago that the Qin raptor appeared to match the D7's pivot points in pitch and yaw (roll may be off too, not sure). After mentioning this on these forums, I logged back in to my tac officer that is in a Qin, sat in sector space, pitching the ship up and down, as well as left and right.

My observations from doing that and recalling the feature episode mission "Night of the Comet" observations are thus:

The Qin raptor is sitting on the pivot point flight mesh of a D7 or similiar flight mesh, the position of the model on this mesh is set significantly forward, as well as underslung (consider the Qin model builds up, where the D7 builds down).
This positioning gives the appearance of the pitch and yaw being controlled by, for lack of better explanation, a pair of wheel barrow handles attached on top of the nacelles and haveing a lot of lead (dead?) weight in the nose section and being forced to manhandle the ship into position.

Overall, dropping the nose onto the target is super fast, pulling or swinging the nose onto the target takes far longer than it should.

In addendum, I feel the true turn rate of the Qin varies according to what your doing, if your pitching the nose up, or turning left/right I feel it's turn rate is more like 13, but, if your pitching the nose down it's rate is closer to 17.

The solution in theory is simple enough, align the model to the mesh so that the X axis is lower down in the hull, and the Z axis is further forward in the hull. In practice it could be so difficult to put in place that for all intense and purposes it may require a completely new sector/system flight mesh for the model to sit on (fed escort mesh may work, but not something I could be sure of).

Please note: This is a collection of my thoughts on this matter based upon my own personal observations from the game itself, and is in no way accurate.

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