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# 1 Salami Inferno KDF News
09-20-2012, 01:33 AM
I skimmed the interview, as I often don't like reading all the useless nonsense regards what the Federation is getting. However I picked up a few key points that I thought I'd post here.

Now I could comment on all this, but in the mood I am in, it's be very negative and frustrating. KDF content as an option, other things take priority. Not surprised but clearly the Dev's have their heads in the clouds. What more can I say without saying something unkind?

I'll let you all read it and see for yourself.

Creamy: Alright. I think I?m just going to go in order, basically. I actually don?t have the names of the people who asked these questions, so I apologise to everybody out there who may be listening, but if you recognise your question you can kinda give a silent ?whoohoo? and then know that your question?s being answered, so right off bat we?re going to go with, with the end of Star Trek Online in Vegas and the rumours of very good positive growth of Cryptic for the future seasons, can the KDF look forward to some KDF specific growth in their factional gameplay?

Salami: Ah, I hope so. It?s been bounced around, we?ve been talking about it. As usual, I can?t confirm or guarantee anything, but we would definitely like to add some specific KDF content in the future.

Creamy: Okay. So, it?s kinda on the board that KDF is going to be getting an update, there?s going to be some more KDF stuff coming, that?s definitely a direction that Cryptic wants to go in?

Salami: It?s a direction we want to go but, you know, we have to see which things take priority. It?s on the board as on option.
Creamy: Alright, and one player here, and again I apologize for not having a name for whoever you might be out there, was asking about specifically about, will it be a better version of Barrell(sp?) that puts them on par with the Defiant, and speaking of the Defiant, where there be a battle cloak option on it? In deep space nine, the defiant you tried to or successfully cloaked or tried to in heated battle was able to get away, it just seems kinda fanatic that the defiant doesn?t have the battle cloak, can you share any light on that?

Salami: I love the defiant and when we were designing the defiant, I begged for it to have a battle cloak, I wanted the battle cloak so bad. We decided to leave it out for balance purposes, and faction harmony, klingons only feature, we are taking the cloak from them so we can have it, we didn?t need to take their best cloak that?s out there for them, so that, that was a balance and design decision to just have a standard cloak, but believe me, I fly my defiant and I absolutely would love for it to have a battle cloak instead of the standard cloak. For the Barrell, it?s possible we could make a upgraded version or possibly even a fleet version of that ship that has some better stats that can bring it up there, but, never count it out.
Creamy: Question the Romulan Faction the probably the number one long term question on players minds if not the number one long term question on the minds of the producers of STO. It has been said that more work needs to be done on KDF to flesh out that faction before any considerations can be made for a third faction although this is an ethical stance taken but in reality some may say this is impractical. Some would say that the KDF ship has already sailed some time ago that no matter what Cryptic does not put in the KDF side that the KDF players will not be satisfied. I have noticed that the despite every improvement, addition or adjustment to the KDF faction people are not satisfied. It is never enough some people sometimes, people are down right thankless no matter what work is put into the faction to bring it up to par with the Federation side. However from the business prospective this is an albatross around Cryptics neck there is no moving forward achieving goals of KDF cos the players move the goal post each time that progress is made. Lets not kid ourselves that there is a gold mine staring Cryptic in the face in when it comes to playable Romulan faction and there are a lot of players who finally want to be able to fly that D'deridex. My question is this in your opinion what specific criteria need to be met on Cryptics side before producers should say ?OK the KDF has had enough lets devote resources to a Romulan Faction??

Salami: We just have to say that we are going to do it. It is something that we have talked about even since launch. Well like OK we will do this with season 1 and when we get the level increase it is just a significant amount of work and so we have just got to decide that we want to do it and the Klingon content even though we compressed where they start but the progression they have from I believe is it from 22-50 is solid it is not a grind anymore there are episodes filled in there you have the duty officer system you have got a lot of systems in place to make sure that it is not a content grind. I think the only thing that is holding us back now finally deciding that we need to out in the herculean effort to actually create a new faction.

Creamy: Alright I am actually going to tack on one of my own questions and ask, is the fact you know a lot players want to jump in and create a KDF character right away and they can?t do it I have to level a Fed to 22 and they do that and they go and play there KDF and all is well. What I am wondering is why isn?t Cryptic - KDF players kind of feel a little betrayed and a little thrown off to the side and as a Federation player I have always loved Fed ever since I was watching Star Trek since I was a kid and I loved the Federation the Klingons were always nice but they where not my primary cup of tea I have my KDF character which I enjoy playing but I like my Fed more I am going to be an advocate for the KDF here and say why isn?t cryptic devoting some serious attention to the KDF and say you know what we are going to do we are gonna kinda put some Fed stuff aside and do some KDF only content flesh out the levels 1-22

Salami: overhauling that it is a significant amount of time and the vast majority of players even now after free to play are Federation so if we spent a ton of time making enough playable content to fill out levels 1-22 that is a ton of time that the majority of the payer aren?t getting anything new. So that is again just another judgement call that we have to make.

Creamy: I see that but my question is where is the? Maybe theres, Maybe I am too idealistic or maybe I feel like build it and they will come philosophy is a little more, maybe I put too much stock into that but I feel that if there was some serious effort and Cryptics where to say ?Hey we are looking after you guys we are trying to make you guys happy? I feel like there is new missions in general attract players new content if you where to say ?hey we have 5 new missions over here on the KDF side that we put a lot work into. Why don?t you guys come over and play ?em?? I really think that the players would move over and at least maybe try and maybe get some more KDF content out there. Is that something that has been discussed or is that just not how it works and maybe I am a little to optimistic?

Salami: We have discussed it as recently as this week at the leads meeting about ways to fill out Klingon content so that they can have a complete experience. So it is not something that we have forgotten, its just like forget its that is Klingon?s it is something always on our minds. How can we fill this out with the resources we have how can we really get them going so that it is a full and complete faction.
The full interview:

Just in case you want to check it out, no guarantee I didn't miss something.
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Cryptic is sloppy. Breaking News at 11. This is what happens when there is no outline or plan and you just make up **** as you go along.
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We can tell our great grandchildren, "In my day, our cloaks were so sensitive that even dialogue broke them and we couldn't change our clothes!"

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