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I was in the House of Beautiful Orion girls ... their base is level 11 and Tier 3 in all three classes, Shipyard, engineering, and science. I have seen their tailor with there new starbase uniforms. Wow they are sure nice and different than anything I have seen. I think the design fits the Orion girls well and shows off their best assets. <------place pun here) (O.O) They have Elite weapons, personnel shields with a sort of re-modulation i haven't seen and nanite body armor. They have approx 200 girls and the chat is very talkative and helpful their founder has eleven characters so whatever level you are she can switch and help you level.

When i first created a character I joined House of the Banished orion girls and left when they wouldn't grief the dental fleet the way they griefed us Beautiful House doesn't take any crap and i wanted to find a way to protect my fleet so i ask Beautiful House to help. Beautiful house swung into action and grieved the grievers this caused my former house to do the same. I felt sorry that i left my house and went back because i had bonded with them. If you need a nice place to feel at home, solve problems, and get results join the House of Beautiful Orion girls.

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