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# 1 New Players Guide
09-20-2012, 08:30 AM
Greetings Captains!

We have realised there are just alot of things that the STO Wiki and the Ingame tutorials just do not teach you. So we have been working on a New Players Guide for those of you who are new to Star Trek Online(STO). It is scheduled to be released October 10th and IT IS FREE it comes in PDF format and can be downloaded from our website. This guide is for anyone to use you do not have the be a BH member to download this guide..

What kind of Info is in it

--Character Creation tips, explaining what each of the traits do and how picking the right traits in important. As well as the pro and cons of being a Sci, Tac or Eng Captain.

--Picking a Ship, this section goes into the pros and cons of the Sci Vessels, Cruisers and Escorts and helps you determine what ship fits you the best.

--EC farming, we go into many different techniques to farm EC (energy credits) we have found this is one of the top 10 questions asked by new players is how to get lots of EC.

--Ship Building, the do and don'ts of ship building.

and much more..

We are also going to be adding a Q&A section in the guide, this is where the community comes in. We need all you new players to post questions you have about the game we will pick the most popular and put them in our guide. Also we looking for feedback from Veteran Captain this guide, what you think about it, what kind of information you feel so be added in it, important tips or tricks you wish to share etc...

My goal is that this guide will help guide new players through the learning process and maybe even teach some of the more experienced players a thing or two.

Thanks everyone!

BH Operations Officer

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