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Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
The Galaxy Class never was a support ship. It was a ship that was build to operate without support for several years. It was build so it could take care of itself, without having to rely on other ships.
Cryptics devs have degenerated the Galaxy class into a ship that is NOT anything like it was on TV.
If they would have made this ship more true to as it was intended, then it would be the best singleplayer ship in the Game, able to take care of itself, with limited support abilities but with a insane amount of versality, good survivability and good firepower (at least more Firepower than a Excelsior).
But it wouldn't be a slow flying brick without any significant firepower.

Lol, with only one Lt. tactical?
Every other ship can do that better. Even a Intrepid can have more offensive power with the right science powers.
That Saucer seperation is just a cheap excuse for the devs not to give the Galaxy class more firepower, it is just useless because you can't even use your ship as a reasonable torpedo boat, you just don't have enough tac BOFF slots for that.
Using your energy weapons to do dps?
Sorry but i had to laugh...

I would suggest that the devs should introduce a ship of their own design to become a "brick" or ultimate Tank or whatever you want to call it.
I wouldn't care if they would use one of their designs to fill that role, but i want my galaxy to be useful in that "role" we have seen it for so many years.
Additionally they should give us finally a Galaxy class that is more versatile and has more Firepower that that thing we have in the game.

Live long and prosper.
Use FAW2/BO2 and HY1/TS1 for your abilities, they add dps.

I am not sure we saw the same shows. The Galaxy class I saw was more like the Love Boat than a warship, they even had lookalike captains. It even steered like a luxury liner. Most of the time the ship was dealing with technologically inferior species or using political dogma to confront its enemies than actual hardcore fighting.

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