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I see you folks just made Mirror ships able to display the ISS
variant. Long time MU fan thanks you for that one. The trouble
is, that only works on actual MU ships and not skinned ships
and the MU star cruiser cannot currently equip the Metreon Gas
Console even though I can use the Reagent skin. I'm wondering
if there are any plans to allow the MU star cruisers to use the
Metreon Gas Console or to allow MU skinned ships to use the
ISS variant. Either would solve the problem. Considering that
I paid for the Reagent skin, I'd like to use the perk that comes with
it and since I also bought the MU off the exchange, I would think
that users should be able to mix and match a they please. There
are no drastic differences between the two ships, so unless its a
coding issue, I would think the two can be interchangeable. I'd
like some feedback if a dev catches this post.
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09-20-2012, 01:47 PM
I'd love for the skin and the title to be tied to some sort of achievement you get when you open a mirror universe ship- that would open the skin and title up to all ships on your account (or at least more than just that specific class. I mean, I love my mirror battlecruiser, but I mainly fly a BoP these days- but I still want the AKS prefix and the mirror skin.
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09-20-2012, 01:57 PM
Same here, I love my Regent and I love the MU skin, but I want the ISS with it.
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09-20-2012, 06:54 PM
I'm with you guys. I normally fly a Dread. I so want my ISS Tiberius.
Hopefully the devs will take note and do something with the MU ships.
I definitely want them to make consoles usable in stances where I'm using
the MU ship or ISS when I'm just using the skin. Especially on something I
actually paid for.

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