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Is your fleet dead ? Tired of running STF's in pugs all the time? Tired of fleets who don't communicate? Want a fleet who uses voicecoms? Then Icarus Elite may have a place for you!!!

We are a US based English speaking fleet, with players comprised of different playstyles and timezones, we also accept Euro players as well. If you have alts we allow a primary character, and 2 alts. We do not allow players to join if their alts are in other fleets.

With over 400 members we are currently opening up recruiting for dedicated, hardcore players. Teamspeak is a requirement for joining. We are a dedicated fleet, we do joke around and chit chat about topics at times, we do accept new players , we are also looking for hardcore veteran players as well. If there are small fleets out there looking to merge and consolidate forces we are looking for you as well.

We currently have a Tier 3 Starbase almost to Tier 4, our stores are currently closed till Tier 4 when we open them up once a week on Saturdays.

Icarus Elite helps you the player with role builds, ship setups, STF strats, and other information that you will need to succeed in Star Trek Online.

PM me or send a mail at @jojobean or message me in game to find out more details.

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