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# 1 PVP is all luck I quit! *RAGE*
09-20-2012, 07:55 PM

Made another video......

Before the link.....would like to take this space here>>> to thank all of the lovely PVP people and personalities that make this possible. Except Mr Terky. He was really really mean.

And I said "Hello" to him too. Just mean.

But everyone else was great. Well except the ones of you that kept shooting at me. I thought we discussed this?

Oh and Hi Hannah! Hi Ross! And E'lash and Deadpool and Krusti, and Krackic! and and....this Ming the Merciless guy. COOOOLEST frakking ship name ever! Every time i saw him this is all i could hear in my damn head.....

Ming, you are my new hero.

And Simon Phoenix! My evil nemesis! Good to see you in game again, really glad you didn't get to shoot me. Somehow all the video I had of you blowing me up got deleted.

Funny how that works, innit?

Anyways. About the video. This video is a bit longer. The sequences themselves are also longer than usual. This was to allow for a bit more time to show what is going on in the set up for an Alpha from a BOP. Did I mention there would be a BOP in the video? Well there is. A tactical one.

So, you can gather that this video is a bit about what makes for a successful Alpha, and what does not. From both points of view.

Even if you don't consider yourself new to PVP, this video (and indeed, several of the more specialized ones on my channel) may give you some insight into how dreadfully easy it is to slip up. And what can happen when you do make a boo boo.

So watch the video. You get to see some great stuff. Well, great if you think people blowing up totally unexpectedly is great. If not, take a pass on this.

No but really it is worth a watch. There are some good shots of players running very good defenses. Granted this video is slanted towards looking for weakness in those defenses, but the knowing what these are will aid the defender also.

We all know PVP is 'easy'. Easier said then done is more like it. In the video you will see a carrier flown by MTGalron taking huge heaps of fire for a loooooong time. Don't fall asleep. You'll get to see a LOT of defense going on there. Seems simple to do, but not easy. If it was easy you'd see a LOT more of it.

Keep in mind, if you want some PVP advice, assist, or for the love of all that's holy SOMEONE to TEAM with please join the OPVP channel in game and talk to the folks in there. I'm sure the Sad Panda Cubs are still in business and that is a good way to get started Fed side.

Cheers and Happy Flying!


There's the video.

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