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Hello Mr. Developer, can you help us?

A while ago, more than a few months ago, the development team accidentally introduced a superior AI that they had been secretly developing. It was the D?Derix Defender; A Romulan Cruiser. This NCP was praised by some of us in the PVP community alike, and this particular NPC was deemed by us as needed in PVE content to help bridge the gap between PVP and PVE. However it was also loathed by those casual PVE players who simply play Star Trek Online for the fun of it. The very same casual PVE players who like how easily blowing up enemy ships currently is, and who cannot spend any real effort or time into the design of their ship and Bridge Officer layout due to real life getting into the way.
So the development team has since sided with the very casual PVE player. So how can you help the rest of us out Mr. Developer? Well, it came to me earlier today in another thread on the PVP forums where we, as usual, criticized and blamed the games oversimplified NPC AI for the horrendous gap in player skill from PVE to PVP:

Why can?t the harder difficult game settings present us with different NPC AI, such as the D?Derix Defender rather than an AI that is overall the same un-interesting punching bag that comes with more HP that does more damage? In this way, Mr. Casual gamer can play the game on the normal effortless skill setting, where he doesn?t have to invest large amounts of time into his ship and game; while the rest of us who have more time than Mr. Casual can enjoy a bit more of a challenge!

Is it possible Mr. Developer to have different NPC spawn based on difficulty setting selection?

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