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# 1 Horta Hatchling Pet Bug(s)
09-21-2012, 01:28 PM
There are (non-combat) Horta Hatchling Pets now introduced in the reward packs of the Lobi Crystal Store. So you buy a horta reward pack and get 1 out of 4 random Horta of a certain colour (and name). Also, (unpacked) they can be sold on the exchange like most other stuff in the game.

Trouble is there were previously 2 of the 4 hatchling hortas already introduced into the game some time ago. 1 was/is the RED (normal) "horta hatchling" (from one of the romulan/reman feature episodes) and 1 the PINK "dilithium horta" (i can't even remember where from).

So, where's the problem you might think? If you are collecting them and already have 2 out of the 4 from wherever they were originally introduced, then that's a lot less for you to end up buying. Sadly however this is not the case - at least not for the "dilithium horta hatchling". You see the new PINK "dilithium horta hatchling" in the random-out-of-4 reward pack is in fact a entirely seperate horta to the original PINK "dilithium horta" (and yet you are only supposed to have a total of 1 unique colour item per toon).

The following shows the STATS differences between the 2 when you hover over the item in your inventory (minus insignificant information):

(Original PINK horta from wherever it was first introduced):
Dilithium Horta
Bound To Character, Unique - Max of one Per Character
Summons Dilithium Horta Hatchling

(New PINK horta included in the pack of 4 random colour horta from the lobi store)
Dilithium Horta Hatchling
Bound To Character, Unique - Max of one Per Character
Non-Combat Pet
Summons Dilithium Horta Hatchling

(At least - I THINK these hortas came from the original locations as I have stated above - to be honest at this point I am totally confused and they could be the wrong way round - kind of confusing isn't it?)

Anyway, essentially apart from the slightly different names of the 2 things, these are both exactly the same - they are BOTH non-combat, dilithium (pink) hortas. And here is the point - it's supposed to be (as it says on both) UNIQUE MAX OF ONE PER CHARACTER, yet I now have 2 copies of essentially the same thing on one toon.

Now come on! If you are going to introduce all hortas as hatchlings and have them as a buyable option, then check earlier on the game to see if the thing already exists somewhere else. MAKE IT SO ANYONE WHO ALREADY HAS THE PINK DILITHIUM HORTA, FROM BACK WHEN IT WAS INTRODUCED IN THE GAME SOME TIME AGO, SHOULD NOT GET A 2ND (essentially identical) ONE WHEN THEY BUY A PACK FROM THE LOBI STORE!!!!

Also I am betting the same thing will probably happen with the RED horta hatchling from the romulan/reman feature episode - though I have not purchased another red one from the lobi store yet.

I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who think I'm making a fuss over something really insignificant - i mean non-combat pets aren't really a great deal, but come on these things really should be sorted our before they added to the game - and in the long run the main thing I'm complaining about is it is YET MORE wasted in game credits - AGAIN!!!


And yes I was correct about the RED horta hatchling - now there are 2 (virtually) same RED ones in my inventory as well as the 2 (virtually) same PINK ones. EXACT same STATS on RED versions as there are on the PINK versions (**see above**) MINUS the word "dilithium" for the red ones.

I'm too nit-picky - that's my problem. I should be glad i haven't wasted real money buying these things and only bought them off the exchange so it's only energy credits I've wasted (and fortunatly not too many credits, compared to other times in the past i've gone crazy with buying junk off the exchange - LOL).

But anyway, this is clearly just another cheap money making scheme and a complete waste for all of us in game. And more a waste for us crazy pet collectors, which-ever way we buy them - with in game credits or real money... Though if anyone does buy these particular pets indirectly with real money then we must be really super crazy star-trek obsessed people! I'm not quite in that category yet, but I'm not far off - LOL.

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