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I was doing infected ground normal on my new KDF tac toon. We got to the last room and my security team beamed in. I thought maybe I accidentally hit the button even though it is at #7 on the second row, so I looked to see... not activated. The security team promptly ended up in the plasma (no suprise there)... then a second group beamed in not 5 sec later. Way to soon for the skill to reset even with tactcial initiative (which wasn't activated either) Still the skill on the bar was not activated. Each time it was 3 escorts that beamed in. Maybe the security officer doffs are messed up? He has a green one and a white one slotted. (I know... lol havent got around to fitting decent doffs yet)

PS - That new music is kinda gay when you're playing an STF (especially on a KDF character)

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