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Originally Posted by eurialo View Post
I am not sure about that... I flyied MVAE for a long time and I think it's a good ship. The tactical boff's layout is not good like the one on the AE but the lt cmd sci boff is a great advantage... you can use GW to group enemies and then fire with AoE attack, or you can use HE3 to fast recovery hull damage. It has 3 science consoles and this help having both shields capacity and shield regeneration rate. Moreover splitting using attack mode beta you gain a lot of manovrability ad +5 engine power level... This make the MVAE a very good ship for pve because you can have a lot of dps and great resistance and manovrability (more than tactcal escort retrofit).

However if you want more dps than you need a different tactical boffs layout, my favorite is the one used in AE... it is a good balance because I can use both CRF2 and CRF3 and still use also APO1... Finally AE+multivector console is better than MVAE (or AE).

notice that harmitage has the same tactical boffs layout of MVAE... and I do not think it's better or worst than MVAE... only different: harmitage has a hangar and a ensign eng slot, while MVAE has the console and a sci cmd ability.

If the fleet AE had the same boffs layout of MVAE I have no doubt about the final escort for my tactical toon.
For PVE, I agree, the MVAE is fine. My opinion is simply that in terms of PvP and STF's, (and PvE) there are better escorts out there. I may have been a little hard on the thing in my post, but it's primarily from a PvP point of view...I giggle a little inside when I see one because they are not as nearly a challenge compared to the other escorts. Fun to fly? Sure. Flexible due to the BO/Consoles? Sure! But if you're looking for a high-DPS ship that also has good survivability, that is not the one I would personally recommend.

Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Don't entirely agree with point #3. I fly the Fleet Defiant, and with the 'classic' Borg Deflector/Engine/Console and MkXII Maco shield combo I can take a fair amount of punishment.

Yeah - only started using my Fleet Defiant yesterday, but very impressed with the DPS it can put out with quad cannon and two dual heavy phaser cannons. To be honest, IF Antiproton cannons are superior (which as I said, is arguable) I can't imagine that they are so overwhelmingly better that I should change to them - I prefer phasers, and the proc is great when it kicks in too especially when the system it hits on the enemy ship is the shields!
Yes, you can take a fair amount of punishment in the Defiant, but you can take a bit more in an FPE, and still maintain a very good DPS. I have all the respect in the world for the Defiants, I flew one for a month myself. But I decided to play with the Patrol Escort a little, and found it was better, in my opinion, for a wider range of gameplay. The Fleet version improves it a little further. I guess I've always found it curious why the PE is so under-rated...maybe because it's free @40 and one of the earliest/cheapest ships in the Fleet store people assume it's junk? I've spent a fair amount of time in the different escorts, and as much as they all have great individual characteristics, I always come back to the FPE. But again, it's my opinion only, and the OP was asking for a high DPS ship that had some survivability, so I ranked that ship higher than others gives/gets more bang for the buck.

And it's good to know that the Quad cannons were beefed up a little recently, there was quite a bit of disappointment with them. And I fully agree with your use of Phasers for that setup. I jumped off the AP bandwagon a while back....the energy types are equal in my mind, the problem is more with how players make use of them.
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Originally Posted by tradik View Post
6 - MVE. This thing doesn't know what it wants to be, and fails at both. I'm sure it's practical for most PVE/Episode missions and fun for lower levels, but if you're primarily doing STF's and PVP, there are much better options out there.
I agree with u. The MV console is an autofail Infected stf. It also makes ka last forever.
If u only pvp fleet mvae is decent but a random viral matrix now and then doesn't compare to what fleet armitage and fleet defiant can do.
As scbypwr said AE+MV console makes fleet mvae a joke ship.

It was a good call getting the fleet patrol escort. It's a pretty solid ship
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Originally Posted by ippolyte View Post
As scbypwr said AE+MV console makes fleet mvae a joke ship.

It was a good call getting the fleet patrol escort. It's a pretty solid ship
I don't think its a joke ship if flied right...;D

I take the MVAE console is useless and replace it with a borg console. I use three shield percetage increases, the borg console and a neutronium alloy for the eng and four phaser consoles in the tac slots.

I like the fleet patrol escort slightly more in specific situations but i find the MVAE to be spectacular in STF play because I use the GW with full spec in particle and graviton skill.

It may not be the best setup...but I find it MUCH more useful than the heavy escort carrier.
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I do hope that the fleet AE has that three position science BOFF slot with the extra console.

Anyone know what it is?
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Originally Posted by ippolyte View Post
As scbypwr said AE+MV console makes fleet mvae a joke ship.

It was a good call getting the fleet patrol escort. It's a pretty solid ship

My tactical toon on AE+MV console deals about 8000 dps (averrage dps) and it can tank borg cubes (even a tactical one for a while).
I am not a pvp-er so I do not know if it's good or not, but I do not think it's a joke ship!

the fleet AE is the fleet version of MVAE: same boffs layout, +10% hull, +10% shield, 5 tactical consoles, 3 science consoles and 2 eng consoles. It can use the MV console, but you have to purchase the MVAE to have the console.

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Dang..I was hoping fleet AE was tier 3. Oh well!
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I use the MVAE with the console. I just bought it the other day and I was skeptical at first. I am now a true believer. This is how escorts should be. The 2 pets are finicky at best but they do provide a pretty decent damage boost when they're on target. It seems negligible in game, but, I parse every STF I run, and it actually is about equal to another dual heavy cannon. The real benefit comes from the speed and maneuverability boost. It is the most agile ship in the game when split. My only compliant is that 3rd tac boff. It would be much more useful as sci or eng.

If you know basics of how to build a ship properly all the T5 Escorts are pretty equal with the exception of the the Armitage which needs a nerf to Runabout Tractor Beams. Obviously though, the Jem'hadar attack ship is the best ship in the game, it just has the perfect layout plus the best base stats.

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