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# 1 Unacceptable Bugs
09-22-2012, 04:49 PM
Hi, apologies first because this kind of ovelaps with some other threads regarding the first main storyline sequence of missions.

Im only a week or so into STO and whilst its clunky in places, its got some nice features and I have been enjoying it on the whole.

However i am becoming increasingly frustrated with the bugs in the first main storyline. For new players, this is their introduction (after tutorials etc) to the STO world. And yet I am experiencing bugs that have been reported many many times previously. Why are these things not fixed?

To be specific (most recent first),

Night of the Comet - literally more than 10 attempts at destroying the comet and shards. Closest I got was 3 fragments, 6 shards destroyed. Last 3 fragments didnt spawn. Other attempts saw the comet just disappear, or the fragments spawn but not break etc etc. New bug? Without even trying I found mentions of this from 4 months ago.

Night of the Comet - bar fight. Again, a bug that seems to have been flagged for many months, with the bar patrons becoming invulnerable and the player being stuck on x/6 and unable to continue. To be fair this one was sorted by leaving mission and retrying but even so....

What lies beneath - (really nice mission idea and some excellent set pieces) My away team kept getting stuck in walls and scenery and on a couple of occasions on inaccesable overhead gangways. Manually setting waypoints etc for them didnt help and I only got my team back by moving to a new area. Does this happen on any map with vaguely complicated scenery?

I could go on but really dont want to as I feel bad enough as it is that my first forum post is a whine. However, I DO like so much of what Ive seen so far. It just worries me that a game that is two and a half years old can have problems like these in its "flagship" storyline sequence (pardon the expression) and certainly makes me fear for what I will encounter in the future.

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# 2
09-22-2012, 08:54 PM
I am frustrated to find these same bugs, many of which have appeared only since the latest patch featuring their lotto ticket extravaganza.

Night of the Comet is one I do frequently and these fragment spawn issues are new.

Similarly, Of Bajor is one I run a lot, and news that it is bugged now is new to me, and presumably introduced with this patch.

Pathing in What Lies Beneath did not used to be broken either. Again, it seems to be a new feature as of Lockboxes Gone Wild.
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# 3
09-23-2012, 07:56 AM
The annoying thing is, that without a fixed "Night of the Comet" (after trying to get through the whole first part with the glitched pathfinding) the storyline missions do not advance, since you need to complete it to get the next mission from Quinn. Very, very annoying if you return to the game after a break only to realize that you can not advance a new character through the story.

The bug reports are old as hell, but it seems only some days ago anyone actually mentioned in a thread about it that it is "looked into".

I wish the bugs were fixed as fast as lockboxes were implemented. But I guess fixing bugs doesn't bring enough Zen sales
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# 4
09-23-2012, 07:23 PM
Sensible replies, thankyou both - I might hang around after all

Have finally completed the Night of the Comet mission I mentioned in the OP but only after (i wish I had kept a count) probably 20 or more attempts.

For the record I didnt do anything in the final attempt that I hadnt already tried. I made sure I incapped the attacking Klingons well away from the comets path and destroyed the 3 fragments before I went after any shards.

Montroc's observation about Zen sales rings true but my point is that there will be less new people actually wanting to invest in a game (or indeed continue playing it) that has such painful bugs in the initial stages.

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# 5
09-23-2012, 09:23 PM
Your not alone here. I played Night of the Comet several weeks ago on my Fed character and had no problems with it, just played it yesterday or the day before and had no problems on my KDF character. But now since this latest patch I am having HUGE problems with various storyline missions.

Some of what you are saying seems familiar to my own problems. The most common being bugged/glitched either away team members or quest mobs getting stuck in celings/walls/floors/etc... Or randomly running away from you for no discernible reason. Also sometimes I will start a new mission with all of my away team members unconscious on the map somewhere, but not near me. The mission I am currently on with the KDF side, The Gates of Gre'thor, I start on the ship and all of my away team is unconscious somewhere I can't see them. I proceed forward thru the first step to help the NPC crew I recruited off the barge to defeat the mobs on the dock, we kill them all easily, and then nothing.....The next step says to "protect the gate operator" but he is nowhere in sight, no way to open the gate, no way to go around it, no way to progress. I exited and restarted the mission, this time ONE of my away team was alive....started to follow me off the boat, and immediately warped somewhere and became unconscious??? WTF?!?!?!!?!?!

I dunno what they did with this last patch but it needs to be undone NOW.
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# 6
09-24-2012, 12:47 AM
Thats a real pain. I have one week holdiday and i planned to play this game as much as possible. But i cant go behind this mission and im already stuck. Wether support nor a GM is answering or reacting. What should i do? Any workarround?

To STO-Team. This is a gamebreaking bug. You have to fix it NOW.
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# 7
09-24-2012, 01:01 AM
Its look like there is also no ticket generating at all. When i open a ticket and search again for it, its not listed in the ticket section
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# 8
09-24-2012, 02:38 AM
The problem in What Lies beneath has been there for months, I just ran it today and noticed that it is even worse than it was before. As far as Night of the Comet goes, I ran it this evening but didnt have a problem. However someone I was talking to on the TTS chat DID have the problem at that exact time with the comet disappearing. In addition to the 2 that have been mentioned, I have discovered several new bugs in the Azura mission, where captain Bott is stuck in a wall and u cannot talk. Also in the Kuva'Magh, Miral Paris was stuck in a wall as well, preventing action being taken. PWE this is really unacceptable. These missions are vital to a new FED character. Without them they cannot progress through the missions at all. Please fix them, not just for us, but for future players as well. If the Azura mission is bugged, why would someone want to bother continuing? Please fix these
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# 9
09-24-2012, 03:22 AM
Originally Posted by montroc View Post
The annoying thing is, that without a fixed "Night of the Comet" (after trying to get through the whole first part with the glitched pathfinding) the storyline missions do not advance, since you need to complete it to get the next mission from Quinn.
I had this problem too.

That is however not true. As long as you've leveled you can just click 'skip' and you'll get the next mission - while also keeping Night of the Comet in your mission list at that point.

Then go back to it when it's fixed.

The latest patch did seem to break a lot though. I know there were bugs before but they've become more extreme in the past week or so.
A lot of the time I do missions alone since my away team teleports back to a previous turn - then when I engage the NPCs after 2-3 shots they also teleport back to where the away team has gotten stuck.
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# 10
09-24-2012, 03:28 AM
Apparently, there is maintenance. No release notes or any other indication.

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