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09-23-2012, 06:30 AM
Originally Posted by fangwolf1 View Post
here is my current build and skills it works but I am thinking about replacing that engine with a MACO one...
Nope, your current engine is better. Plus, with engines and console you get hull regenerator set bonus.

2 Disruptor Beam Array Mk XII [Acc][CrtH][Borg]
1 Disruptor Dual Cannons MK XII [Acc][CrtH][Borg]
Put Dual Heavy Cannons instead.

2 Ablative Hull Armor Mk XI [Rare][+26.2 Phaser, Disruptor, Plasma, Tetryon Damage Resistance]
1 Tetraburnium Hull Armor Mk XI [Very Rare] [+28.1 Plasma, Tetryon, Polaron,
Aniproton Damage Resistance
Engineering consoles do not stack for 100%, so your second Ablative console has little effect. Put Monotanium console for kinetic resistance instead.

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