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# 1 Something weird, possible bug
09-23-2012, 04:22 PM
The last few times I've done STFs and fleet alerts I've noticed a particularly annoying bug. Whenever I am killed by something, and respawn I find I cannot turn my ship. Sometimes this is only temporary, and control resumes. Other times, nothing helps - except if whatever killed me is in turn destroyed. So for example, I was doing ISE and got killed by the tac cube. When I respawned I couldn't steer my ship and it looked like it was permanently 'stuck' (as if it was turning left-and-right at the same time). Because the tac cube was directly in front of the respawn point I ended up going directly towards it, but without the ability to manoeuvre I was quickly killed off again. Fortunately the team was able to kill it without my assistance. When I respawned to collect the loot, I could turn again.

A similar thing happened in a fleet alert. At the end one of the big klink ships - either a negh'var or the actual, named dreadnought - ended up killing me. When I respawned same deal - I couldn't steer at all, but this was cleared up when the opposing ship was defeated.

I'm not too concerned, as it seems to be fairly rare. That said, I haven't really tried repeating it. I am curious though if it is an isolated incident or if other people have encountered the same or something similar.

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