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Recently, "Cryptic" (pwe, of course) has shown interest in improving the game by listing their 'todo' list in the form of an article they call "State of The Game". Now, obviously, this game sucks so far. Once you get to 50, you have only 3 things to do: play monotinous STFs over and over and over...., play little missions that give little to no reward, and play the mini games like DOFF missions, and Dilithium mining, etc...

Do you want to know why these are meaningless? They do not yield a reward that one can use. What are you going to use those new aniproton beams for? More STFs? seriously? The Borg do the same things over and over and require little to no skill to destroy. PvP? Klingons just cloak and kill. There is no way you will ever win that fight, and if you do, what's the point? You don't get loot for winning PVP, you dont get anything. That's another thing: Death Penalty. For the love of god, this is the only MMO I've played that does not have a death penalty. "No!! A death penalty wouldn't be fair." Awwwwwww.... you think lifes fair, how cute.

Here are 6 Suggestions that would most definitly increase your play-base. Despite Cryptic's efforts to suggest otherwise, their playerbase is far less than it was a month after Free to play went live.

1. NO BUGS. If you aren't going to test the game, and wring out the bugs before you patch the dam thing, at least provide customer service. I havn't played in 5 months because I couldn't get a damn person to help me with the game crashing.

2. No Rules PVP. PVP: player vs player, it's where you go to play the unfair game. It's also where you go to kill other people for the valubles they might have in their cargo bays....oh wait, i forgot there is no death penalty. I guess PVP will have to be as hollow as a log then. I would also like to say that PVP should have no reset, and that it should be mixed. No 100% lv50-player zones, or newb zones. And you should be able to enter a PVP zone where fighting is going on, not have to wait for it to start. I have better things to do than wait for 20 minutes because no one is joining the zone I'm in.

3. Death Penalty: Despite the newbies objections, there should ALWAYS be a death penalty. It's the incentive for actually attaining skill. "a death penalty would make the game too hard!" Really? Mabey you should remake your character, and actually try to play. Otherwise, you should just stick to the little NPC enemies. They are pretty good target practice, and you can practice RUNNING AWAY. Somthing no one does is run away from a stronger opponent. It's like watching a cockroach try to fight a person. Your gonna get squashed.

4. MONEY: Right now, it's absolutely meaningless. The content of the game isn't enough to want to spend anything on weapons you will only ever use in Kerrat. And Weapons is really the only thing worth spending money on. Yeah, armor is nice.... but it really doesn't matter... It isn't like you have anything ELSE eating into your wallet, like, i don't know.... health potions! Seriously, MAKE IT MORE CHALLENGING! Situation: Im at 10 percent hull, what do I do? oh, just use a hull heal skill... No money, no 'mana', no LIMIT. Just a cooldown time. Seriously, it's like a beta game without these kinds of basics. Now, it doesnt have to be health/mana. I wouldn't mind having the entire ship mechanics revolve around damage, power (for skills), and shield strength instead of the old lingo. The fact of the matter is, though, that there has to be a point of regeneration. I shouldn't be able to rely entirely on my skills to regenerate. These kinds of skills make a good game.

5. Maps: I am really hating the way it is right now: enter a new sector gotta re-plot my course.... Make it more dynamic. It would be really nice if I could pull up a world map in any place (even in a solar system) and look at the sector maps of the places I've explored, and even plott a direct course to any of the planets in any sector from anywhere. In a solar system, It could prompt to go to warp, and save that course until you leave the system (in otherwords, wait for your command to 'engage'). It would be a lot easier, and it's not like they don't do that in the shows, so WHY NOT??

6. More DYNAMIC economy: Everything should be tradable. That is what make EVE such a good game. It's economy is player-driven. If i want to sell my borg datachips, I should be able to. It's not like a lv20 could do anything useful with them anyway (or any other thing. Everything have a lv limit, even though some arent tradable.).

I may be coming off a bit strong, but that is because this game has be running for 3 years, and I'm wondering why NO one has thought about these things. "oh, mabey if we don't make a good game, we'll have a lot of players" jee, i wish that were true. I would be a millionare.
But seriously, you have to admit that these features make a good game. What is happieness without sadness? Joy without pain? Life would be meaningless if all we felt was happy. Death penalties and player driven economics make a game worth playing. And even if you lose all your **** to that one player that you despise, at least you will know to avoid him the next go around. And at least you know not to carry all of your stuff into battle.

Anyway, I'm expecting objections to all of this, because the people who are still playing this game are dumb enough to keep playing this game. There are better game sout there guys, Minecraft, StarCraft II, Cabal Online, WoW, Every Steam Game, Dota, and a lot others. "But they have a death penalty..." GET OVER IT.

(i kept bringing up the death penalty because I kept hearing sissies wine about it when I played)

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