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09-24-2012, 08:59 AM
Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Had an instance of ISE that I can't really decide whether was good or bad yesterday.

I jumped into an existing game in my Fleet Sao Paulo - heaven knows what had happened beforehand, but the first generator had, by the looks of things, been taken out immediately prior to my appearance. It looked like the 10% rule had gone out of the window and there were spheres all over the place. The optional only had approximately two minutes left on it.

Needless to say it didn't look good - the team appeared to consist of a rainbow-boat Regent, a rainbow boat (well, to be honest only phasers and Polaron) Star Cruiser, an Odyssey that seemed to flying around taking pot-shots at the Spheres, and a Dreadnought that, to it's credit, appeared to have pretty solid DPS and looked as if it was running itself ragged trying to keep the Spheres in check.

Anyway, I flew in to assist the Dreadnought, since it appeared to be the only ship managing decent DPS, and we mopped the spheres up fairly quickly, with the other ships alternating between what they probably considered to be 'lending a hand' and exploding. Needless to say, the optional failed in this time.

We killed off the last sphere, at which point the Star Cruiser bailed - I assume that he was either annoyed that the optional failed or just a loser. Possibly both. Sadly the Regent, upon seeing this, followed him moments later.

So with only three of us remaining we move onto the the transformers. With only three players left, myself and the Galaxy-X player admittedly asked each other if it was worth continuting. We decided that there was nothing to lose from trying, and we therefore did.

The Odyssey player should fly an Escort though - I wouldn't say he was useless as such, but hit and run isn't the best (in my opinion) use for an Odyssey. We killed the transformers - I reduced two to 10% and the Galaxy X did the same with the oposite two, and we then popped them as quickly as possible, subsequently blasting the generator with everything we had, weapons batteries utilised, phaser lance, HY torps and rapid fire cannon. The Odyssey actually made itself quite useful by shooting at the spheres which slowed them just enough for us to take the generator down literally seconds before the first nanite sphere got within range.

The rest of it was pretty routine, but I suppose that this leans more toward a good experience than a bad one, as we did at least manage to finish it with a three-person team, though a prototype drop rather than two measly EDC's would've been nice!
Was that Dreadnaught using TBR-I by any chance?

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