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09-24-2012, 02:12 PM
"I got news for you, this isn't EVE. This game isn't even designed to be anything like EVE, so don't expect it to be like EVE. Insulting us and everything to do with this game isn't going to make it any more like EVE. Maybe this game isn't meant for you."

You didn't read my entire post. I never said I expect this game to be like EVE, or that I wanted it to be like EVE. I merely gave an example of a successful MMO economic emplementation of a free, player-driven economy. It is small-minded people like you who make this game such a pain to play.

"everybody has different expectation of a game, especially a game of his/her favourite franchise.
you have some points that are also grinding my gears about the game, but your suggestions i don't like either.

however points 1, 4 and 5 are great and brought up on the forum numerous times. The map was in discussion to be changed, but it is A LOT of work...basically making sector space from scratch. But Dstahl said about a year ago, that as soon as they have that workforce free and the time at hand it is top priority. But that may mean anything."

These are not 'expectations', these are requirements. Have you ever played a game where dieing meant nothing? Have you ever played a game where you never had to constantly save, or you would be broke when you got to max level? The point is: this game is not challenging, not rewarding, and certanly not worth it. Why would I want to be max level if all i can do is play STFs over and over again? Yeah, i get Borg stuff, but it's not like i can sell it/trade it for somthing I ACTUALLY WANT. Where are the goals? The Challenges? Dieing in missions means nothing. So you died, I guess you should just keep trying... no penalty, no challenge, no fun. I also want to point out that the tactics people use, like cloak and attack in PVP, are way over-powered. That can be nurfed by simply implementing an energy limit. So, (hypothetical) mabey cloak could take up just enough energy for you to use 1 buff after decloaking. It's not like you don't already have a damage buff for attacting me anyway. It's no fun when one can win a fight simply because his skills explicitly counter yours. And to make it even worse he/she can use them over and over without any limit aside of time. I'm talking about a game that sticks to reality: death, money, and battle are the three mechanics the developers got terribly wrong. I once talked with one, he he told me he really doesn't play the game at all. So, not only does this game have bad mechanics, the developers aren't even taking the time to play it and try to improve it based on their own experiences.

"try and offer suggestions like the rest of us, with polite posts commenting on things, and occasionally insulting PWE"

Been there done that. 5 months should prove to you that 'politely posting' obviously does not yield substantial results. A company that cares about what it's customer wants should not have customers complaining about their product. If they see a customer complaining, they should take their complaint and put it on the top of their list of priorities. PWE obviously does not care about it's customers.

"But as for this poster. Seriously. Why leave the game for 5 months, then come back and complain about it? Why not just stay gone? If you didn't like what you saw then, and you come back and don't like what you see now, why would you bother to waste our time with complaints? I agree with hippiejon. Just leave."

No. I love Star Trek, and I WANT to play it. Being run by money-hungry asians does not help this game at all (PWE). I left because this game sucks. I'm posting because it STILL sucks after 5 WHOLE MONTHS. If you are so stupid that you actually believe a game shouldn't change, you should just not post.

"Funny almost lv 46 here and loads left to do, perhaps 'cause i did not race through the storyline myself?

Only just started the Cardassian story..."

Because not everyone likes stories. There are a lot of poeple who prefer to play for competition, like me. As far as story goes, this game is set. But everything else needs so much work.

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