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Ok I like others am pretty psyched about this new box - yes yes another box - yes yes canon canon.. blah blah

The point of this thread is that I have 250** keys and I want to share the results of what I get box by box right here. So as Soon as they go live I will start openning boxes and will post the results for each box - exactly what I got - so 250 posts in all from me!! + 1 or 2 extra possible rage posts if after 200 I don't get a grand prize!

Anyways it will all happen on the 1st day in the first few hours(I will have to spend a few hours collecting them on day 1) so you will get an idea just what you get from 200 keys!!

My Human Sci Officer "Jenny" will be openning these boxes - and she's Blonde - so there will be lot's of jumping up and down!!

Wish her luck!!

**(amended from 200)

***(Of course these are my own results - yours will be different - and since I don't have actually odds for anything - the results are just for your entertainment)

P.S. I know that there are those of you that get thrills "dumping/deleting" boxes so I would appreciate you mailing them to me while I am doing this. Thx

So to help me get the results out faster you can send them to me in game "jenny@levi3"

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