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# 1 Imperial Fleet of Triteria
09-24-2012, 10:18 PM
At the moment IFT has basically three active members, we are at level 3 and are focusing in military and science projects with our starbase. We are doing pretty well, I put all my efforts into the fleet and the other two are doing remarkable contributions as well.

But here's the problems: We can't really have any major fleet activity with just three people, progress of the starbase will slow down as the demands will grow and it's pretty quiet out there just by three of us.

For what it's worth we are versatile bunch of people. We do (as individuals) STFs, Episodes and Accolade runs, I'm a crafter and somewhat often leveling new characters and otherwise happily ready to help with leveling. I play all careers and both factions, KDF/Engineer as my main. I played for a while when the game launched and returned when they relaunched it as F2P. I don't dare to introduce the other members on their behalf. We are however Europe focused at the moment (Finland and Germany).

The fleet was founded for two main reasons: My previous fleet had unresponsive and conservative leadership so I left. I then contacted about five interesting fleets and none responded (even until today). After the founding of the IFT I have had a character in Ferasan Shadow Force which is a great and thriving fleet but I gradually made the decision to focus in IFT with all my KDF characters.

We are suitable fleet for you if you:
- are casual and don't expect large fleet events anytime soon.
- enjoy the playing but not the yelling. Every friend on your team reduces the risk.
- find talking about the franchise relaxing and enjoyable.
- feel that MMO should mean more co-op and not just traffic.
- want to teach me Spain (me hablo un poco pero mas es mejor).
- don't mind if occasional article gets lost in fleet chat.
- just want to be part of something without any musts towards the fleet.
- just want to be part of something and be more than just a minor name in endless roster.

(Pick one or more.)

If you have watched F1 you might have heard Finns speak English and therefore know that you don't want to ask us to open our mouths... so no, we don't have Vent. (And no, the fact that there's only three of us doesn't contribute in this matter...) But once the fleet grows I'm willing to revisit possibility of getting a server. I'm also capable of providing us any website functions we may need in the future.

If any of this made sense to you I urge you to contact me. Mails sent to Aesnia@wiipe will reach me daily and answering to this topic is a safe bet too. Questions are welcome, even if they only ask the color of my socks.

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