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# 1 New Stf Channel Started
09-25-2012, 03:31 PM
I started a new STF channel today .... Got into it with a moderator on the Elie STF channel ... anyways new channel is STF extreme please join and help spread it around
The only rules on it is that you can only talk STF stuff and look for STF teams on it ...And no vulgar language allowed ...... I want to keep it where anybody can get on it at least till that becomes a problem.... And if your wondering why I got into it on the other channel it is because they had an issue with the way I was looking for a team ... Which was ...... LF2M CSE type 000 for invite.... Which apparently is a no no there.... But it will be fine on the new channel...
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# 2
09-25-2012, 05:06 PM
Why not go to publicelitestf? Creating your own channel won't be very effective, we already have too many channels.

As for EliteSTF rules, yeah, some of them are dumb, but really, people just need to chill. If they want to make silly rules, so be it, just follow them, and dont act like a child yourself, and everything will turn out fine
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09-25-2012, 05:28 PM
Your right it wont be very effective at 1st but I'm pretty popular on STO expecially in the PvP community so I expect within a few months time it will be more effective.... And really have you used just the public ques ... Hardly ever get the optional and about 15% of the time you dont even get the mission done.... And as far as their channel I remember when they 1st started it it took a while to take off also ... All I am offering is a choice between the Neo Nazis running it with their gazzillion rules and a new channel that only has a couple.... People dont need to play their game if they are willing to do something about it .... Which by starting a new 1 or joining a different 1... I have
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# 4
09-25-2012, 08:19 PM
Originally Posted by papablood View Post
but I'm pretty popular on STO expecially in the PvP community

Oh lol (pic related)
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09-25-2012, 08:55 PM
Allow me to translate:



Seriously, we don't need more STF channels. But go ahead and do your thing.
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Originally Posted by lunasto View Post
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09-25-2012, 09:06 PM
LOL... Nice pic humor.... I said I was Popular nowhere did I say I was a bad ass... But the PvP community does know me as Diablo.... But to clear that up I am nowheres near as good as some of the people playing the game.... Nor do I claim to be but that dont mean they dont know me because most of the seasoned PvP people do ... anyways I didnt start this thread to talk about me I started it to get another STF channel up and running because the main 1 we have now is to full of rules ... You cant talk about anything on it not even STF's ... You cant use 3 identicle letters in a role to find a team .... What kind of rules is that for what is suppose to be a STF channel .... You should be able to advertise to find a team without having somebody tell you your not allowed to do this or to do that as long as your not being rude or vulgar .... You should also be able to talk about how an Elite STF works on a STF channel ... That is what I offer with the new channel .... If you want join if not thats cool also ... Believe me its no skin off my back... Its actually seldom that I even need the use of a STF channel anyways .... I have an active fleet and tons of friends to run with but occasionally I do need 1 or 2 slots filled on a team and I dont need some guy I dont even know tell me I cant say 000 for invite.... That is just so freakin lame... And I wasnt kicked I left it ...
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10-04-2012, 10:03 PM
Hey dude,

I run and own PUBLICELITESTF come hit us up there. I had a similar issue as yourself a few months ago and did the same thing, set up my own channel. We're very chilled out chat away do your thing run games. Theres always something running, if not create it and announce and games fill quickly. We currently stand at over 1200 members. When I started the channel there were a few stf channels running but mostly dead. Publicelitestf has brought players from all these channels together including many from ESTF like ourselves that may have been kicked over Silly things and other private channels, we have alot of STFVeterans guys in also so I'm told so we must be doing something right. I pvp myself and alot the OPVP guys run games here too,(although they'll never admit to playing PVE we all need the tech right? ) always good to have pvpers face roll stfs ,the more the merrier I say!

Getting to where the channel is now was no easy feat, and while I wish you all the best, you'd be more then welcome and would be just as well to save yourself the hassle and run games on mine. STF channels are a numbers game, you need big numbers to ensure games are always running. As we all know Estf still has this numbers game, with publicelitestf being the second largest, and gradually closing the gap. But if you are determined to get it up and running like I said I wish you all the best, I remember somebody telling me when I started it'd never take off.... Go figure!

Good luck and good hunting!!

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