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08-22-2012, 08:44 AM
While harsh Suaveks raises a lot of valid points.

The Boff's on that ship look weird, two ensigns, two lt. Commanders and a universal commander. That setup has to have some serious potential to fail spectacularly or be OMFG good. I think an engineer or a Tac officer would do best in that U.C. seat personally. Engineer for party/self heals and Tac officer for shear enjoyment factor.

P.S. Is anyone getting the feeling that Sci and Eng Boffs are considered the unwanted step children by PWE and Cryptic? They aren't at all shy about putting Lt. Commander sci officers on ships and lt.Com Engineers are getting more common. While a lt. commander tac officer is few and far between outside of escorts (I think 2 non escorts on Fed side).
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08-22-2012, 10:02 AM
The one thing that I find wrong with your ships are that you cant take any damage, except for the Bortasqu. That has been the problem with the destoryor is that if it takes any damage it dies or runs. Kar Fi's pets got nerfed to uselessness and the Bortasqu is more like the Atrox then anything else. So the ships I am going up against are not escorts, but a cruiser and a carrier. I thought you argument was that escorts are better? And yet you don't use one that much.

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08-22-2012, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by kylesal24 View Post
The one thing that I find wrong with your ships are that you cant take any damage, except for the Bortasqu.
I don't think so the Kar Fi can take much more of a beating than my Bortasqu because of the way its set up, have you even got a Klingon toon? do know how awesome the Klingon Honor Guard set is compared to the Maco (which you don't even have lol) and its MK XII not to mention some nice consoles I have on it.

The Siege Destroyer can also take some punishment in fact more than my Fed Armitage but again thats got to do with the Mighty Honor Guard set not to mention all my Klingon toons can wipe the floor with my Fed toons any day of the week, why because they have better gear and there not using that crap borg stuff. Don't get me wrong the borg stuff is a great set to start off with but seriously it just doesn't compare to the Maco, Omega And the Honor Guard at the MK XII level even the MK XI are better.

Then theres the ultimate tank set the Aegis set no matter what ship you put that on you shouldn't die to easily at all unless your a complete nub although a noob wouldn't be aware of the set in the first place.

Originally Posted by kylesal24 View Post
That has been the problem with the destoryor is that if it takes any damage it dies or runs.
No it does not as above it has very good gear on it as well as my beloved quad cannons the thing just kicks ass, maybe some people die in it a lot but I don't!

Originally Posted by kylesal24 View Post
I thought you argument was that escorts are better? And yet you don't use one that much.
WTF the OP asked the question "Atrox or Armitage" I responded with the Armatage and you started to argue with me and you basically Hijacked the thread.

I actually have 3 escorts that I use a lot 1 Klingon and two Fed but I also have other toons that I enjoy playing as well, and as mentioned before I also have carriers but unlike you I use them to support my team not just do what ever I want to do because I think I know better like you saying the Devs are wrong about the ship they designed I mean seriously mate you advertise your self as a fleet commander then generally troll threads and say the devs are wrong, I would be surprised if anyone wants to join your fleet with that attitude.
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08-22-2012, 12:59 PM
If you looked at the start of this thread I was the first to answer and you joined after. How could I join after you if I was first?

I have the MACO, Borg, and Omega sets.

You don't have an escort with your KDF. Sorry but you don't. The Destroyer and the Kar Fi are in different groups. You don't have an escort.

Why is that the Destroyer is one of the fastest ships to die under continued fire? I have seen it many times and have yet to see any carrier get killed that fast.

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08-22-2012, 01:02 PM
I like how you did not answer the part about the Armitage being a support vessel. That is great.

Also, I did not say that flat out. I was answering what you said. I gave you a reason why I said that. I have yet to troll. I have defended why i think the Atrox is better and gave a build which you have yet to do. All you have done is said that the Feds are weak and all the good stuff is KDF.

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08-22-2012, 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by kondular View Post
So, I'm days (at most, probably closer to hours) away from hitting Vice Admiral, and when I get there I want to try a carrier. I can't even dream of affording a Recluse at this point (though I'd love it, the Tholian ships look awesome) so that leaves me selecting between the Atrox and the Armitage. I'm a Tactical officer.

I like the appearance of the Armitage, and the idea of the Photon defense console, alot more than the Atrox, but I've never had much success with Escorts. I'm kinda interested in the idea of going with no Torpedoes, just 3 DHCs 1 DBB fore, and 2 Turrets and a Beam Array aft.

My bad experiences with escorts do lead me to consider the Atrox though. With it's... lets go with "sub-par" turn rate It's been suggested I could go all turret and let my fighters do most of the heavy lifting. As a tac officer I can get some relief from its sluggishness with Attack Pattern Alpha.

I don't know, can anyone offer me advice? Reasoning fore/against either of them?
you remind me of me. i am a tac officer. i started out in escorts, but ended up liking thick hulled cruisers better. i have come to appreciate escorts more now and routinely use both escorts and cruisers.

your title caught my eye because i like and have both ships. honestly, imho, the armitage is not as good as the mvae, so if you want a tough escort you could go with an mvae instead and use your money for the atrox.

i hated the atrox at first and put it away. but later i got it out and realized i was not letting the fighters do the work. once you get the hang of commanding the fighters the atrox is a fun and effective ship. it has a nice hull and can dish out some punishment on it's own. i use beams on my atrox to make up for the slow turn and they dish out a lot more damage than turrets.
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09-25-2012, 03:39 AM
If I was you, I would go with the Armitage. You might hate escorts, but this ship is a little beast. Use an Escort build on it.

I have it and am using the Remon Mk XII rare Set on it (all 3 pieces) I have a 1 x Fleet Advanced Plasma Torpedo and 3 x Fleet Advanced Dual Heavy Phaser Cannons Mk XII with 3 x Fleet Advanced Phaser Turrets. I use torpedo spread 3 and high yield torpedo 2, with rapid fire cannon and the other cannon boff ability. My engineer boff is set for beefing up my hull and my science is set to provide radiation healing and shield healing.

My HEC is called the Avatar and she is a mean and highly maneuverable monster of a ship, it might not put out a lot of DPS, but it is designed for quick battle passes and quicker turning to get her in to position. I kept the Photon Point Defense system, have a console to increase damage of the cannons and the plasma torpedo along with the Sub-Space Jump module. The Avatar's captain is set with maxed out skills for all weapon skills and any skill that improves the ship's turning, speed, shields and hull repair. T'lynn (she is a Tactical officer) sucks at ground missions.

Fighter choice
I use the Advanced Peregrine Fighter (APF). I also carry either Peregrine (10 uses) or Scorpion (50 uses) fighters in one of the device slots and a Fleet Support (20 uses) of the Caitian and Peregrine fighters. This allows me to call in additional fighter to support my 6 Advanced Peregrines. I also carry a Shield Repair Unit Pet to switch out with the APFs during the missions that you have to save the freighters. During these missions is where the Fleet Support fighters and the fighter pet devices comes in handy to keep my fighter usage active while I'm providing shield support to the freighters.

I hope this helps you with your decision and with any assistance with your character. If you need any further help. I'm T'lynn@trwarbuck.

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09-25-2012, 09:34 AM
I love the armitage. I am a tac captain as well.

I run runabouts. They are great their tractor beam procs constantly.

I use quad cannons 2 dhc and a quantum torp front
In back three turrets.

Engineer consoles the rcs and then resistance consoles.
Sci consoles field generator and tpds
Tac 4 phaser dmg

Tac boffs 2 tt1 tphy3 omega 3 cannon rapid fire cannon spread amd torp sreas
Eng emr to shields. Eng team. Aux to struc intg
Sci polarize hull and tachyon

Im missing attack beta and have too many team abilities so i am teying switch those out.

But if you dont like cannon then no question atrox.

However i used this build last night on khittomer and i didnt get insta killed from her torp spread like i usually do. But if go armitage. Beams are no good. It would be a waste of a ship.
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09-25-2012, 10:19 AM
I just wanted to share my build with you. I divided the information in to My character and her skills, Bridge Officers and their skills, Duty Officers, and the ship. I hope you enjoy it.
As soon as my Fleet gets our Fleet StarBase up to Military Tier5 and its shipyard up to Tier 5 I plan to get the Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier. I am hoping like other Fleet ships that I have seen, it will be a pretty bad@$$ ship.

T'lyann (Vulcan) and the Avatar are set up for high speed attacks and the ship does quite nicely in this role. The ship is so fast and maneuverable that while at full impulse speed I have literally stood the ship on its warp nacelle and have swung around to face the other direction. When I use EM3 the ship almost becomes uncontrollable. Currently the phasers put out a DPS of 3,610.7, but this is just the weapons as they are, no modifiers from any of the skills or consoles is added to this calculation. The Fighters just adds to this DPS, but I?m not sure how much. Overall, I think this is a pretty good build; it does exactly what I want it to do. As I get better consoles I plan to replace them to make the build event better.
This build can stand up against a Brog Cube in Elite missions by itself.

Tactical - Lt: SAP (6) STW (maxed), LtCdr: SEW (maxed) SPW (maxed), Cmdr: SM (6) STS (maxed), Capt: no skills, Adm: SEWS (8) SPWS (8)
Engineer - Lt: SHR (maxed), LtCdr: SI (maxed) SWCE (maxed), Cmdr: SPE (maxed) SHP (maxed) SSP (maxed), Capt: , Adm: SAR (3) SAP (3) SWP (3)
Science - Lt: none, LtCdr: SSS (maxed), Cmdr: none, Capt: none, Adm: none
Ground - Lt: G (maxed) WP (maxed), LtCdr: CS (maxed) PSG (maxed), Cmdr: none, Capt: SC (1) WP (2) , Adm: CA (5)

Bridge Officers
Tactical (Cmdr): Tactical Team I, Torpedo: High Yield II, Torpedo: Spread III, Cannon: Rapid Fire III
Tactical (Lt): Tactical Team I, Cannon: Scatter Volley I
Tactical (Ensign): Tactical Team I
Engineer (LtCdr): Engineering Team I and II, Directed Energy Modulation II
Science (Lt): Science Team I, Hazard Emitters II

Duty Officers (Space)
2 x Very Rare (Purple) - 20% chance to reduce torpedo recharge time by 5 seconds
2 x Common (Green) - 5% change to reduce hanger recharge time by 10% (plan to get higher doff here)
1 x Common (green) - Reduce Science Team recharge by 4 seconds

The Ship
Heavy Tactical Escort with Advanced Peregrine Fighters
Phasers: 3 x Fleet Advanced Dual Heavy Phaser Cannons Mk XII (forward), 3 x Fleet Advanced Phaser Turrets MkXII (rear). I was using Mk XII very rare versions with the (Borg) designator.
Torpedo: 1 x Fleet Advanced Plasma Torpedo Launcher MkXII (forward)
Transwarp Computer (Universal), Enhanced Plasma Manifold (Universal), Rule 62 Multipurpose Combat Console, 2 x Field Generators MkXI (rare), Photon Point Defense (HEC and FHEC use only), Subspace Jumper* (Universal), Ambiplasma Envelope MkXII (very rare), Phaser Relay MkXI (very rare), Advanced Peregrine Fighter Pet
Supspace Field Modulator (Rare Ship Device), Open for any use. I usually go with Scorpion fighters or Peregrine Fighters (consumable). I also carry one Fleet Fighter Reinforcement (consumable) in my inventory and a Shield Repair Unit (Common Shuttle Pet)
Power Settings
Attack: 80
Defense: 70
Speed: 25
Balance: 25

Through the consoles and the captain's skills these power settings is increased.

*Can be switched out with Neutronium Alloy MkI (rare). This will improve the ships resistances.

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I'll give you a hint, something that I learned a painful way. Carriers are meant as science ships, and they work very well in that roll. As a tactical, probably your best bet is too save up for that Recluse. Heck, just save up if you reall ywant it that bad, and get it via selling lockbox keys, they go fast and sell for millions.

If you still want to go for the atrox, best too stick with beam arrays and a single beam overload II, so you can take advantage of the subsystem targeting on the ship.

However, if you want to think of the Armitage as a sort of carrier (Which you kind of can), then go ahead. Just expect it too act like an escort, cause thats how it flies. This is probably your best choice, as it's cheap, and good for your role.

And trust me, a lot of people won't like you in STF's when you're in a carrier.

If you REALLY want to take the time, level up a KDF character, Tactical again, and get a Kar'Fi, as thats the best carrier for tactical captains, next too the recluse.

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