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# 1 ESTF Eng Tanking w/ Recluse?
09-26-2012, 02:57 AM
Is it possible to be an Elite STF viable tank with an Engineer Captain flying the Tholian Recluse Carrier?

Looking at the stats on this beauty, it's got great stats in both Shields and Hull, and this got me thinking about trying to press this advantage. I've seen alot of Science Captain threads for the Recluse, but I haven't seen much about tanking.

Anyone out there running a boat like this or have some thoughts? Build ideas? Can we escape a Commander Tactical for threat purposes?
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# 2
09-26-2012, 04:42 AM
Carriers in general are tanky as hell since they have lots of HP and usually at least a decent number of engineering consoles. So yes, you can tank in one, since the usual large number of sci consoles and BOff slots also add on to it's tankiness. Think of it as a thick hulled thick shield door-stop.

You basically keep on cycling shield heals and hull heals with your combined engi and sci BOff slots, and use your limited tac slots mostly for tac teams and Attack Patter Delta or Attack Pattern Beta and use your pets as headache inducing mayhem causers. That roughly translates into lots of neutronium + 1 monotanium for your engi consoles (since torps are hull murderers) and field generators as your sci consoles. Have fun having a stupidly large amount of shields and nice kinetic and decent energy resistance.

Another bonus is that since you have lots of sci BOff slots available, you can also throw in random life ruiners like Jam Sensors and Viral Matrix, PLUS gravity wells (love those). Also you have those wonderful widow fighters. Abuse them. If you keep your aux power high you can respawn them quickly enough that losing a few isn't a huge issue.

A good power setup that I have found works out well esp for engi captains is 25/75/25/75. You won't need to shoot much cuz your pets will do the work for you, if anything you can just shoot torps or something, your shields will have good resistance and regen, esp if you have specced into it with skills (the skills will bring that 75 up to around 100 or so), you won't need to move anywhere anytime soon so low engine power is not an issue, and the high aux is for your fighters and sci abilities (aka heals and faceroll causing abilities).

As for setup, go with the standard tanking setup used in STFs (or standard from what I have seen):

MACO Deflector and Shield (MK XII please XD)
Borg Assimilated Module and Engines
Engi: Neutronium and an extra Monotanium (heavy plasma torps, in fact those little peas from hell hurt in general)
Sci: Field Generators. And if you must, a power insulator and Field Generators
Tac: Whatever weapon type you're using.
(note: the purple color means very rare preferred, and I'm also trying to confuse your eyes)

As for weapons, that's users choice. Most carriers run turrets/beam arrays, but I have also seen a lot recently running cannons (weird eh?). So basically pick a type. I personally would go with either Polaron or Disruptor, since both help in some way. Polaron basically makes the enemy less effective so they are less likely to kill you (since if weapon power is reduced, they can't hurt as much), and disruptor helps your pets out by reducing their defenses. Of course there's always phasers, since I always get a kick out of random subsystem shutdowns. Something to remember though, since you're running a low weapon power level, your weapons will not do a ton of damage. If you want a high self damage build, talk to Kyle24, he can probably help you out there.

And then you have the torpedo option. Due to your low weapon power, it might behoove you to use torps since they don't require weapon power for damage. If you're going to do that, go with quantums or something other than transphasics since your pets should be able to strip the shields off of a target rather quickly. Something you can try is tractor beam your target when it's shields are down, and then unload torps into it's face. Usually fun. But if you run torps, make sure you have purple quality proj weapons officers for their cooldown reduction (I would recommend 2 or 3, no more than 3 please though, that's just silly).

Lastly, you're an engineer, so you get extra survivability abilities, like the rotate shield frequency (ABUSE THAT), miracle worker (not a huge miracle unfortunately, but the shield heal is nice), and nadion inversion (ABUSE THAT) plus your natural damage reduction of about 15% I believe. So that basically results in a nice tank that is a pain for most NPCs to kill, and something that probably won't get steam-rolled in pvp. Probably. Don't take that as a guarantee. (<--- covering my posterior XD)

Anywho, hope that helped some, try it out and see if it works for ya.

Edit: TACTICAL TEAM 1 IS YOUR FRIEND. ABUSE THAT MOFO LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW. Especially when combined with EPtS3. And Field Generators. Let the borg have fun breaking through a shield face that essentially will have around 60k hp and regens like nuts... hehehehehehe...
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09-26-2012, 05:34 AM
An Engineer in a Recluse has about the toughest tank there is. It means slotting an Engi BOFF in your commander universal, but it'll tank everything an ESTF can throw at it. With maxed Threat Control, you can tank a Tac cube at point blank no problem. If somebody else manages to pull aggro, just start throwing your heals on them until they're clear. The Lt. Com. sci also gives you some good options for crowd control/power drain. Here's what I've been running:

Disruptor Beam MK XII x 6
Borg Deflector, Borg Engines
Honor Guard MK XII Shield

EPS Flow Regulator XI, Neutronium XI x 2 Assimilated Module
Tetryon Grid, Point Defense System, Field Generator XI x 2
Disruptor Dmg XI x 2

Ensign Tac: Fire at Will I
Ensign Science: Transfer Shields I
Lt. Com. Science: Polarize Hull I, Hazard Emitters II, Gravity Well I
Lt. Com. Eng: EPtW I, Reverse Shield Polarity I, EPtS III
Com. Eng: EPtW I, Eng. Team II, EPtS III, A2SIF III

Keybind your EPtW I and EPtS III so that they're continuously cycling, keeping both your weapon and shield power near max. You won't do much damage, but you can easily take probes on KASE and full aggro from the cube/Negh'var in CSE while your team mops up.
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# 4
09-26-2012, 06:41 AM
Recluse may very well be one of the best tanks there is for an Engineer. Try my loadout:

Ungodly tank

With 2x EPtS (I and III) running continuously, as well as 2x TSS1, and even 2x TT1, you really have yourself an ungodly tank.

With 4x eng slot, you can put in 4x neutroniums even (I'd say at least 2x neutronium + mission-specific resists).

For sci, just slap in at least 1x Shield Emitter Amplifier + 1x Field Generator. I put the Borg assimilated console in the 3rd position, but another Field Generator would work just as nicely.

EDIT: Totally forgot the 4th sci console; that's where the Tholian Tetryon Grid goes.

P.S. For continuous cycling of your buffs, have a look at:

Keybind cycling

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