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08-25-2012, 10:27 AM
Originally Posted by krylm View Post
I don't mind at all waiting for a new class.

I completely agree that the dreadnought is an awesome ship. I have several ships in my pool, including the defiant refit, and I prefer the Dreadnought 10x over the other ships.

I think the reason people see so many Dreadnought threads is because a decent amount of people see the Dreadnought as the closest thing the Federation has to a battlecruiser style ship but it just doesn't seem to completely fit the category (regardless of how awesome it already is). I'm not asking for it to be more powerful, just more battlecruiser like. If you think about it, removing some of the engineering abilities would not allow it to last as long even if it did dish out more DPS.
I personally like the route the ship designs are going overall. Albiet, the klingon side needs some love before we get any more fed ships, AND PW needs too wrap their minds around ship balancing.

I love the look and type the dreadnaught is in, and I think the only thing they need to do is balance the hitpoints with all the other ships. It's too slow anymore for my personal usage, and I find that I get better results on destroying more ships quickly with a sustained damage starship than with a burst damage ship like the dreadnaught.

If we were to get a battlecruiser like ship, I'd rather see something that works like a BC, maybe the Typhoon class. Perhaps what we should have is one ship that the other side is wanting really bad. I know the fed side is sorely lacking on science ships, they need some love on that area, and we'd like something with a battlecloak. I'll bet if we had just one ship to take those roles, the other side would complain at first, but after a while, people would be going back too the ships they used to fly.

Actually, I wonder how many fed pilots would fly a bird of prey and not get anywhere, because it's made of old scaffolding, and has little in the way of defense...
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09-26-2012, 07:44 AM
Krylm, i feel the same about this ship as you do i think, there is something missing for him to fit it design purpose better, not much but still enought to put us, dreadnought cruiser pilot, in disadvantage.
So i have made an other dread thread to explain the changes i think should be done to that ship, it call "galaxy x improvment or fleet galaxy x" if you care to take a look and see if it a proposal that would satisfy you.
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09-26-2012, 08:14 AM
Originally Posted by krylm View Post
I guess the section describing the regular timeline Odyssey still evades me...
It's basically everyting above the "Altenate timelines" part.
In other words: precious little since it's a wiki that works with what's given to them.
Since they don't know anything else than we do...well that's pretty much it.
Same goes for the desciption of the class itself here:

Originally Posted by krylm View Post
I didn't mean to insert that logic comment. I don't usually resort to insults like this. insanerandomnes witless response got under my skin.
No hard feelings then.
I have to admit I had a hard time not to throw some rather unfriendly remark at you.
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09-26-2012, 09:08 AM
I've said it to my friends and Fleetmates, the Regent has the BOff layout that the Dreadnought should.

The Regent is a very tactically leaning Cruiser with a LtC and Ensign slot, and my Engineer can tank extremely well in it, as well as deal out a decent amount of damage.

That said, I'm still hoping for the Typhoon as a dedicated Battleship.
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