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# 1 STOry and STO: Some Feedback
09-26-2012, 08:25 AM
Total push polling and anecdotal response gathering here. But I see a range of attitudes and thought I'd try to feel the room.

Which of the following best reflects your attitude?

Also, two advance notes:

A) Please indicate if you've read the dev blogs and complete Path to 2409 and/or the novel.

B) Please tell me if you're okay with the state of things or think it needs to change.

So here are the basic options to get you started:

1 - The story in STO is total nonsense. None of the lore makes sense. The storytelling is a travesty and it is in my face constantly with how silly it is.

2) The story sometimes works when it's present. It's being sacrificed for the C-Store, however.

3) The storytelling works when it's present. It's simply absent or out of sight too often.

4) The story anomalies don't bother me too much and I enjoy some aspects of the story. I tend simply mentally edit what I see. Just because its visible in game doesn't mean it has to mesh with the story.

5) I'm satisfied with the story.

6) LOL, story? Cryptic needs to focus less on story. Let players generate their own conflicting stories with no guidance!

7) LOL, story? It should be outlawed. Players should grow up and think of themselves as a player playing a game.

8) Story gets in the way of exciting gaming and there should be no story, either player generated or Cryptic generated. (And maybe measures should be taken to make sure that a story doesn't emerge, even accidentally. Kill all story or attempts at story by anyway. Kill it dead.)

Like I say, not a poll but a starting point for discussion.

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