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Originally Posted by paxfederatica View Post
I do this too. In my case I use slightly different labels depending on the map type:
  • "Science officer" (space and ground)
  • "Chief engineer" (space)/"Engineering officer" (ground)
  • "Tactical officer" (space)/"Security officer" (ground)

On a related note, this is one more reason why we need dialogue modifiers for BOffs. Of course the dialogue title fields may need to be tweaked to support these modifiers too.
Only problem you might run into there is when people don't have their "Chief Engineer" set in a bridge officer slot or on the away team. Most players it might not bother, but you might get that one RP guy who gives you a 1-star for it.
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09-27-2012, 11:21 AM
I leave them blank,as it seems many others are doing.

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