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Qapla everyone,

This is the first time I've ever posted on the forums, but having followed them for about a year, I feel pretty at home in them. I hope to be reasonably active on them.

I've always played solo because of my erratic work schedule, so the fleet ship update wasn't too great for me. I also play only the klink faction, and basically exclusively pvp cause stfs get so boring after the 100th or so time. In order to keep my console number up to par, I decided to go for a bortasqu tact all cannon build. The five tact. consoles puts me on the top of the scoreboard in most pugs. Here's my build:

4x Mk XII disruptor cannon [acc] [borg]

4x Mk XII disruptor turret [acc] [borg] (I forget off the top of my head what the last mod is for the stf weapons)

borg deflector, borg engine

honor guard shield mk XII


Tac Ltc: tt1, crf1, apo1

Tact Lt: tt1, crf1

sci lt: He1, TSS2

sci ensign: Tract B1

Engy Com: emps1, emps2, DEM 2, AUX SIF3

I have one blue field generator console mk XI, borg console, 5x disruptor consoles, and 3x damage resistance consoles.

Occaissionally I use a turn rate console or the autocannon.

So that's the build, which leaves me with a question.

In space, my shield level is 12.5k. I always feel squishy in matches, which surprises me when I have so many shield abilities.

Is 12.5k low? Or am I just feeling squishy because when my tact. team is down, I can only give my opponents one shield facing?

I actually think this build is really good, although I've only ever been in PUGs. Mostly I consider myself a reasonably good player, and this is the best build I've ever used. I encourage feedback on the build as I always want to improve.

Thanks all,


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