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I am unable to send tickets of any form. When hitting "submit", the UI disappears but there is no fly-by message saying that "ticket nr (insert huge number) has been sent" and there is no ticket history either. I can't do a thing with that mess.

I tried from the Website as well, as in login here, go to Support and all that. Then I get another Login window (Why? I am already logged in, so it kicks me out?) - and upon trying to login again, browser then stands there for a few moments and then I get a message saying that the website is trying to redirect me in a way that is not possible.

What sort of strange things are happening here? - Ever since that last patch all kinds of things have gone totally nuts with this game.

I'm quite dissapointed with it all and glad I don't waste subscription money on STO no more.
Stoped that half a year ago because of things like this always happening.
You want my money, earn it! - Not doing a good job at that since the F2P and conversion to Perfect World hosting it all on their overloaded servers. I've never seen so many "game server timed out" since we went PW.

Stop pumping in half-finished new stuff and start fixing all the bugs. We have bugs and glitches in STO that are years old and no one ever bothers with it.
No wonder you are losing player base folks.

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