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I'd like to start this thread as a collection of issues that we have noticed in regards to new temporal items, that are pvp related.

Francesco started a thread regarding tipler cylinder

I have noticed a potential issue: the time destroyer (only have the kdf version) shows 90 defense when over 24 impulse (I do have the elusive trait). Don't know if that's a display bug or not, it's really hard for me to see if the extra 10 is there or not, but it certainly shows on the defense window. Took out all new consoles, thinking it may be a bonus related to one of them, still 90. I had full omega xii on the ship. Went on shipyard and changed to Jem, it showed 80.

So far that's it, I'll add more if I find.

Edit: forum mods, please don't merge this thread, hopefully everybody will post any other found issue that's not related to tipler cylinder here.
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