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Ok i'm a tactical captain and after using a patrol escort for a while i went and bought a advanced escort, because i wanted to try it. I love this thing its way better than the patrol to me at least. Though i really like this ship I also cant wait for the fleet defiant its one of my fav ships. I cant wait to finally use it and put the best weapons on it for pvp. But the problem i have noticed is that the fleet patrol gets a universal ensign which to me it doesn't need but allows for more diversity, while the FAE and the FTER get tactical ensigns when they need universal the most. Especially the fleet defiant cause its notorious for being a "glass cannon" in some ways. Heck a HazEm or sci team, emergency power to engines would be nice to use in a tight spot right? Even if its only level one. Cause beam target shields is not something I use and torpedo high yield 1 would be what i would put in the tactical ensign slot., anyway and its good but a hull heal on shield heal would be better. Thats the end of my mini rant just thought i would share does anyone agree with me??

I must also acknowledge the fact that the escort retrofit and its fleet version and the aquarius have been given a plus one turn rate. Not much in my opinion but its something.. they should give them slighty stronger shlields. They are not meant to tank but the ships should put some hurt on u before they go kaboom.

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