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09-28-2012, 04:51 AM
Today, I rolled a KDF character. Add one more to the neglected side of STO!

First impressions;

1) First City rules. The shipyard is also something else, the Bortasque looks like something out of StarCraft.

2) That said, the tutorial is really tedious BUT not as tedious as the Federation's tutorial missions (like 'go to Mem Alpha and talk to whatshisname' or 'go to K7, then go to Mem-Alpha, then go back to K7 etc'). At least almost everything is located on the one map.

3) Birds-of-prey are really cool, but squishier than what I was expecting. I need to learn how to play them right. Or in addition, I need to fix up my boff layout and my own skills.

4) I got a kick out of the 'explore star cluster' variety of missions and the Pi Canis sorties. I haven't started the main quest line though. Incidentally, do you get dilithium for the Pi Canis sorties at a higher level? Because I didn't notice getting any dilithium rewards.

5) The lack of character customisation options is a bit disappointing. Very few hair style options, and the clothing/armour seems to be something to be desired - at least at entry-level. Do more costume options get unlocked later on or am I stuck with what I've got now?

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